Tanzim Hasan Sakib is the victim of a sexist culture

Tanzim – who said in a post that men marrying women who are used to “free-mixing at addas” would be depriving their children of a “modest” mother – is a victim of the toxic masculinity prevalent in his surroundings.

6d ago

Are we normalising the humiliation of teachers?

It is a universal value that teachers must be respected; it is the basic premise of learning. It is objectionable because someone has the audacity to ask something so contrary to any civilised society’s value system.

3w ago

Dhaka’s ugly, ruthless side

The story would resonate with many young couples starting out in this ruthless city, where what you earn is nowhere near what you spend, just for the bare minimum.

Cambodia elections / The old political playbook needs a major upgrade

One would be wise to throw away the old playbook and get tips from democracies that provide leaders with the greatest power of all: the true mandate of the people

How to deal with compulsive dodgers

There are those among us who take the game of bluffing as a sport or an art form.

The global conspiracy – against women

Clearly, deep-rooted biases and stereotypes are at play.

SATIRE / This election year, why not opt for rose-tinted glasses?

Journalists are a bitter lot and are out to be killjoys of any party, especially the ruling one.

Why we can’t get enough of aliens

In the US, an alien is not just an extraterrestrial; it could simply mean someone from a foreign country.

From an incorrigible New Year enthusiast

Let’s think of some out-of-the-box ways to tackle even the most formidable of problems.

What will it take to be Smart Bangladesh?

What more will we achieve through being 'smart'?

AL's strategy of intimidation may no longer be working

So far, whatever the ruling party has been doing is going in favour of the BNP. 

How women's secondary status encourages violence

The value of a female is largely determined by what she can offer to her family and society

The unbearable smugness of AI

My phone thinks it knows me better than I know myself – how preposterous! Or is it?

Why people want to leave Bangladesh

There are a litany of issues that make the lives of ordinary citizens difficult.

University of BCL

The BCL has demonstrated that their “power” lies in their licence to beat up anyone they want, anytime they want – academic decorum be damned.

Education minister’s comments against bigotry are commendable

It is not always that we see a politician making comments that criticise misogyny and bigotry.

Price hike: Don’t worry, be happy – no matter what

If things are bad, there must be a good reason for it.

Where death follows too closely

Experts and road safety activists scream themselves hoarse calling for the basics.