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  • A case of overkill

    The Awami League and partners led by Sheikh Hasina won a stunning victory in the 11th parliamentary election on December 30 bagging over 95 percent of the seats. Is it a victory for the people also? If not, can it still be turned into a people's victory?

  • AL's historic third term

    Awami League is poised for a third consecutive term in power, which is unprecedented in Bangladesh's history. The country went to the polls yesterday after ten years of wait for a participatory election, and the AL achieved a landslide victory.

  • A citizen's 'manifesto' on the Election Day

    Two parties have ruled Bangladesh for most of its 47-year-old life since the independence and one of these parties will form the

  • Road to the 11th Parliamentary Election

    On December 7, 1970, after 23 years of existence, Pakistan witnessed its first general election. People from West and the then East Pakistan voted in 300 parliamentary constituencies to elect members of the National Assembly of Pakistan. The outcome of the election was a landslide win by the Awami League, which won 160 seats in the National Assembly.

  • Relationship between MPs and local public representatives

    When it comes to winning support, politicians are selective about how they represent themselves, their views or decisions, their projects or policies, and their opponents, supporters or alliances. Politicians in Bangladesh claim to represent multiple, changeable and complex interests but what does that mean in practice? Let us hear the experiences of some ordinary citizens in different constituencies in this regard.

  • What this election means for young voters

    Contrary to popular belief that our young generation is indifferent about politics, our universities, colleges and even schoolgoing children have proved in the recent past that they are not only politically conscious but also willing to play their part when it's time. This was proved during the recent quota reform movement as well as the road safety movement.

  • Unjustified restrictions on media and observers

    A number of extraordi-nary restrictions have been placed on journalists by the Election Commission ahead of Election Day and the extent to which the media can cover the election on December 30 remains unclear.

  • What do the manifestos contain?

    Barring any last-minute glitch, in less than a week the nation goes to the polls. As an integral part of the electoral process political parties and alliances that entered the foray have issued their manifestos.

  • The myth of the 'level playing field'

    Rural Sylhet on a damp winter's night presents a most forbidding scene. The Stygian darkness is pierced only by the dim light of the lantern of a roadside stall in the far distance.

  • Poll Violence: Who will bell the cat?

    Since the campaign season for this month's election began on December 10, news headlines were dominated by violent clashes in