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  • In a hyper-competitive world, Dhaka needs to think big

    About two and a half years ago, a global e-commerce company published its plan to set up its second headquarters, and invited proposals from cities that would be interested to collaborate with them in setting this up.

  • Improving Dhaka’s liveability

    Every morning, as I step out of my home to go to work, I am faced with the same nuisances: the dilapidated road in front of my house which has been like this for as long as I can remember, the piled up garbage here and there, the open manholes spreading obnoxious smells, and the nonchalant vendors selling vegetables (and even fish) taking up half the space of the road.

  • Brexit for Bangladeshis

    After three prime ministers, two general elections, a number of historic defeats for the government and a political deadlock that seemed like it would never end — the United Kingdom (UK) officially left the European Union (EU) on January 31, 2020, ending a 47-year relationship.

  • Key socioeconomic issues that we must address

    Bangladesh is, without a doubt, one of the most promising economies in the region. We have made considerable progress in many socio-economic sectors.

  • Intellectual property raises costs of living

    Many medicines and medical tests are unaffordable to most of humanity owing to the ability of typically transnational pharmaceutical giants to abuse their monopoly powers, enforced by intellectual property laws, to set prices to maximise profits over the long term.

  • Coronavirus and the politics of xenophobia

    Airports beef up security, a ship full of passengers remains quarantined and docked at Yokohama, while racism takes root and flourishes under the shadow of an outbreak.

  • Sexual Violence: Looking inward and thinking out loud

    Every single day, a rapist is reported. Every. Single. Day. Let that sink in.

  • The coronavirus threat is far from over

    Nearly two decades have passed since a coronavirus known as SARS emerged in China, killing hundreds of people and creating severe panic that sent a chill through the global economy.

  • Generation Equality: Four ways to accelerate progress

    The global gender community will meet in New York in the second week of March to review progress on gender equality and women’s empowerment in the 25 years since the Beijing Declaration.

  • Crossfire deaths in Teknaf

    The deaths of seven suspected Rohingya robbers in a single incident of so-called crossfire are not normal, even in an environment where such extrajudicial killings have become the new normal.