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  • RTI Footprints in South Asia: Tapping its potential for public causes

    Our region is well-known for its deep-rooted culture of official secrecy inherited from colonial times. So why the proliferation of a rigorous law that gives citizens a tool to probe their governments and restrain their arbitrary use of power? Nearly all countries in South Asia have now enacted a Right to Information (RTI) Act.

  • Making sense of the nonsensical

    It is said that cruelty is a many-faced demon that can take any form to serve its purpose. This week, we have had a glimpse of the demon through nurses, people we usually trust our life with when we are at our most vulnerable.

  • What is the best indicator of development?

    Countries across Asia have been affected by serious floods, earthquakes and other disasters and the first question that many journalists, economists, policymakers and the business community would like to ask is whether these disasters will have any effect on a country's GDP growth.

  • Looking Back

    It's been one year since the world was horrified by images of emaciated women, men and children walking with just their worldly possessions into the safety of Bangladesh.

  • The ethics of documenting sexual violence

    "These women are carrying on with their lives. The injury of what happened is coming up in different ways—it need not be something sensational like the understanding we have of the birangona. Otherwise we would never understand what happened to the birangonas in terms of their experiences of the war."

  • Are Bangladesh's expectant mothers being coerced into unnecessary, dangerous operations?

    The phrase “too posh to push” was first used by British tabloids in the 2000s highlighting the trend among celebrities choosing to have their babies by caesarean section, as opposed to natural childbirth.

  • An education system that divides the nation

    Our vision and aspiration as a nation is expressed in Vision 2021, marking 50 years of independent Bangladesh, and objectives set for 2041, when Bangladesh aims to become a developed nation.

  • Building the city building by building

    All cities change, and better cities—those that are not at the lowest rung of “most liveable cities”—change through careful planning and crafting of its assets. Dhaka is changing through radical norms, in a fury of demolition and building.

  • Bimstec at a crossroads

    As top leaders from five South Asian and two South East Asian countries gather in Kathmandu under the banner of Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Initiative for Technical and Economic Cooperation (Bimstec) on August 30 and 31 for their fourth summit, it faces certain fundamental challenges. Set up in 1997 in Thailand with 14 priority sectors of cooperation...

  • Repression in Rakhine, and the principle of the 'responsibility to protect'

    In my previous avatar as a diplomat, like much of the rest of the world, I saw myself as an ardent advocate for change in Myanmar. It was in the grip of Generals who ran a horrendously repressive regime.