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  • Remembering Murti,1971

    Just a few months into the war of liberation it became clear that the guerrilla operations would eventually have to be accompanied by warfare conducted by troops organised in regular units.

  • World needs to step up support for the Rohingya

    What I saw on my first visit to Bangladesh, as the vice president of the World Bank's South Asia Region, was a human tragedy as far as the eye could see.

  • A vibrant workplace for happier employees

    Illumination from the fluorescent lights fails to reach the cubicle at the end of the room as a girl leans over her laptop. She's scribbling over her notebook and she can only hear the faint sound of rain hitting the window.

  • Virtual play to combat mental illness

    Out of the 161 million people of Bangladesh (as of 2015), 16.1 percent of adults and 15.2 percent of five- to 10-year-olds live with mental health issues. Only 0.44 percent of our national budget was allocated for mental health in the same year.

  • World University Rankings 2018

    Bangladesh and the World University Rankings

    With unprecedented internationalisation of higher education, the world university rankings have become prominent globally and have significant impact on students' higher study decisions.

  • Creating a skilled girlforce

    International Day of the Girl Child (IDGC), is commemorated on October 11 every year, to highlight the challenges girls face, promote their empowerment and fulfil their human rights.

  • Looking at climate change from the lens of international security

    A milestone report by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has warned the global community of the expository risks our planet faces, if international stakeholders fail to portray environmental protectionism front and centre in their policy programmes.

  • A syndicate that wreaked havoc

    The story of manpower syndication is the greatest scam that ever happened in our manpower sector, entangling politicians and bureaucrats in high-degree corruption in both Bangladesh and Malaysia.

  • SDGs and The Right to Information: We can't have one without the other

    The International Right to Know Day on September 28 was observed this year with much less enthusiasm in many countries. Though 90 percent of world population now live in countries where the Right to Information (RTI), or Freedom of Information (FOI), law exists, the promise of transparent and accountable governance presaged in the law remains a distant dream.

  • The goal of 'zero hunger' in Bangladesh

    This year's World Food Day is not a happy occasion. After many years of continual progress, the number of malnourished people has begun to rise again. Today, there are 821 million hungry people in the world, a shocking outrage on a planet where there should be plenty of food for everyone.