Life after lupus

Teens is supposedly a fun phase of life. Enjoying a greater degree of freedom, finally beginning to fathom the essence of education, partnered with an added sense of responsibility and often times, a rebellious attitude are the definitive characteristics of a teenager.

Why you should take the Covid-19 vaccine

There is a lot of discussion right now about the side effects of the Covid-19 vaccine and confusion surrounding the taking of the vaccine.

Expediting convalescent plasma availability in Bangladesh

Due to rising Covid-19 infections, the demand for convalescent plasma is rising as well, since many countries permit plasma treatment for Covid-19. Convalescent plasma collected from a recovered donor may neutralise the Covid-19 virus on an infected patient,


Soon after Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s Oshomapto Atmojiboni (Unfinished Memoirs)came out in an English translation as well in the original Bangla in 2012, I heard at least a few people express their skepticism about the book’s authorship to me.

Strengthening women’s rights and choices in a post-Covid world

We must urgently regain the momentum and progress Covid-19 has robbed from women and girls in our societies.

Learning to include

What I’ve learned through this experience is that inclusion is hard. It requires more time and energy, more empathy and patience, more attention to detail and extra effort considering experiences that don’t come naturally to us.

Covid-19 testing and health sector resource mobilisation

The number of daily tests has dropped by 4,613 between July 8-12, amidst concerns of the rapid spread of the deadly virus and this lower testing has contributed to the rise in positive rate, which is 24.95 percent as of July 13.

Updates from a frontline healthcare worker in the UK

Coronavirus infection is a global public health disaster. The virus has exposed the ugly face and serious weakness of public health service in Bangladesh. It is now important to admit that the public health service is poorly funded and not fit for purpose. We can’t rule out the possibility of another new virus outbreak and pandemic in a few years’ time.

Do we need political bodies at private universities?

One of the primary reasons why some students prefer to study at private universities in Bangladesh is because these institutions have been free from student politics.

The rat race: But at what cost?

The purpose of this write-up is not to discourage and undermine speed. It’s about choosing something as long as it is healthy and sustainable.

Eid in the time of corona

Covid-19 has gripped the world in its claws and is refusing to let go.

A better way of testing for COVID-19?

The new saliva collection method, which RUCDR developed in partnership with Spectrum Solutions and Accurate Diagnostic Labs (ADL), will allow for broader population screening than the current method of nose and throat swabs.

COVID-19 and the economisation of life in Bangladesh

In a society where economy becomes the container of lives, it is not surprising that the logic of national economic interests will shape the arguments around how to manage the lockdown.

Latest developments from a frontline healthcare worker in the UK

I have received a phone call from one of my friends, a retired ENT professor in Bangladesh. He informed me that alarmingly a high number of doctors and healthcare workers are getting infected with Covid despite using PPEs.

Wastewater transmission of Covid 19 is another worry

Researchers started looking into sewage and traces of SARS-CoV-2 were found in the Netherlands and Paris wastewater samples.

Notes from a frontline healthcare worker in the UK

I continue to battle with Covid-19 patients in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Covid-19 diagnosis and the reporting curve in Bangladesh

In contrast to other countries, Bangladesh had plenty of time to stem the spread of coronavirus since the first Covid-19 case was detected.

Online Exclusive: Will Covid-19 lead to a novel road of economic thinking?

Never before in the known history of human civilisation has the state agreed to pay the wages of those at risk of losing their jobs. Never before have they ordered social distancing.