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  • Middle class: Loser on all counts

    Bangladesh's national budget for FY2018 comes at a challenging time. Despite being powered by high growth and cushioned by low international prices, the Bangladesh economy has been facing a number of disquieting features.

  • Growing malignancy in the banking sector

    The banking sector has been passing through a turbulent period for some time. Given that a sound financial sector is key to sustained

  • The missing money

    Illicit cross-border financial flow is not uncommon. It happens in all countries. With globalisation it has become more complex.

  • Moving forward from the Rana Plaza tragedy

    The readymade garments (RMG) sector of Bangladesh has undertaken significant compliance measures to ensure safety of factories...

  • Maintaining coherence between economic and social goals

    Social sector budget traditionally receives less attention amidst big allocation for the hardware part of the economy. Infrastrucutre,

  • Walking the talk

    Bangladesh's long dynamic relationship with India has many facets, ranging from economic to social to political.

  • For a more educated BANGLADESH

    A lot of time has been spent on improving primary education enrolment. Global goals emphasise on 'education for all' and focus on bringing more people under the umbrella of primary level education.

  • Budget for regions lagging behind

    In order to have any meaningful decentralised policy implementation, the budget-making process should involve the local administration, law makers, and all stakeholders.

  • Women in the executive role

    The number of educated women has increased over time, but the rate of highly educated women is not as large yet when compared to men. Statistics show that women's educational attainment at the secondary level is higher than men. However, it starts to decline afterwards.

  • Transforming our apparel industry

    Just at the time when a major conference on the apparel sector of Bangladesh was held on February 25 in Dhaka with the promise to work together for a better tomorrow, disappointing news on labour rights in the readymade garments sector has surfaced.