Opinion / Should the BRICS exclusion disappoint Bangladesh?

Bangladesh’s interest in BRICS arises from various factors.

The new tariff policy may help increase competitiveness

It may be considered a step towards Bangladesh’s attempt to diversify exports, attract foreign investment, sign free trade agreements, and ultimately enhance economic progress.

Stability without democracy can't sustain growth

Ironically, under the shadow of stability, the quality of economics and politics has been compromised

Bank Company (Amendment) Act, 2023 / Will it do more harm than good?

It seems there exists a nexus among the policymakers, bank directors, and defaulters which facilitates the process of swindling depositors’ money.

New monetary policy will be less effective against inflation

The lack of coherence between the fiscal and monetary policy stances will make the monetary policy less effective in controlling inflation.

National Budget FY2023-24 / Cause for frustration for common people

There is not much in it to make us feel better in terms of its focus and measures.

The untapped potential of Bangladesh-Japan trade

Over the last five decades, the relationship between Bangladesh and Japan has flourished and evolved into a mutually beneficial and symbiotic partnership, bringing about positive outcomes for both countries.

What Bangladesh's new budget should offer to common people

The upcoming budget poses significant challenges – arguably the most challenging in recent times – for economic policymaking in Bangladesh.

Ajay Banga’s plateful of challenges

One of the first things Banga would have to tackle is reforming and modernising the institution, something that stakeholders have asked for across sectors.

Why low global prices don't reach Bangladeshi consumers

High commodity prices in the global market are often used as an excuse to justify price hikes in the domestic market, even if there is no direct correlation

Navigating sky-high prices in Ramadan

Arresting high prices requires more focused and extensive actions by the government.

Invest more to accelerate gender equality

Achieving gender equality requires collective effort from all members of society.

Why do Bangladeshi youth want to leave the country?

To retain the talents within the country and bring back migrated professionals, we need better opportunities.

For a smart Bangladesh, we need smart workers

Our education system does not equip students with the necessary skills for the job market.

For a better fiscal space, we need efficient tax system

Improving our revenue generation will require several measures, both technical and non-technical.

How do we cope with high energy prices?

Consumers in Bangladesh are at the mercy of policymakers

Overcoming looming economic challenges in 2023

The core problems of our economy are rooted in the very nature of the country’s governance, which has long been neglected. 

The never-ending crisis in our banking sector

Bangladesh Bank, which is supposed to oversee the governance of the country’s financial institutions, has rather supported these irregular activities through its policies and actions.