Dhaka traffic made worse by our unruliness


I think by now the whole world knows how bad traffic in Dhaka is. Things have gotten to a point where, instead of complaining about it or trying to figure out ways to eradicate this menace, we have simply accepted the fact that Dhaka traffic WILL eat up a chunk of our daily life. But must we make it worse by being reckless on the roads? Every day when I commute to and from work in Karwan Bazar, I see vehicles of all sorts plying the streets as they please – no order followed. We seem to forget that rules are there to make our lives easier. If we as drivers and/or pedestrians thought of being conscious and considerate of other people around us, maybe traffic in our capital city would be slightly less intolerable. As individuals, we need to internalise the fact that our roads are public spaces that we share with others, and so we should act responsibly when using them.

Nazia Jamal
Dhanmondi, Dhaka