Expat life

Expat life

Exploited and trapped, man dies in Malaysia

A journey to Malaysia, a dream of a better life. Driven by the hope of securing a job with a decent payday, Md Shofiqul Islam, 33, of Pabna,  went to Malaysia five months ago. Little did he know that this aspiration would spiral into despair and eventual demise.

2m ago

9,370 expatriates are currently in foreign prisons: Hasan Mahmud

Foreign Minister Mohammed Hasan Mahmud informed parliament today that a total of 9,370 Bangladeshi expatriates are currently held in prisons across 26 countries

3m ago

Virginia senate recognises Bangladeshi-owned Washington university

Washington University of Science and Technology (WUST) has been recognised at Virginia state senate assembly. Virginia's Fairfax State Senator John Chapman Peterson on January 18 lauded the activities of the only Bangladeshi-owned university in the US at their senate general assembly where

1y ago

Bangladeshi-owned Mianz International Group among Maldives' top businesses

Mianz International Group, a company of expatriate Bangladeshi businessman and entrepreneur Ahmed Mottaki, has once again been ranked among the top 100 companies in the Maldives.

1y ago

Bangladeshi workers struggling amidst economic crisis in Lebanon

Bangladeshi migrant workers continued to face financial hardship in Lebanon, while many found it difficult to remit money home after making ends meet, due to a prolonged economic crisis there.

1y ago

Bangladeshi expats in Iraq confined, tortured, extorted by syndicate

Inside the torture cell, when there was no water, urine was offered as a substitute.

2y ago

Tk 1,290cr fund for migrant workers, others

The government has introduced a loan fund worth Tk 1,290 crore to help returning migrant workers, unemployed youths and rural entrepreneurs set up new businesses.

2y ago

Bangladeshi Workers: Marooned in Lebanon meltdown

Migrant worker Mashiur Titu saw his monthly income in Lebanon drop by half in two years due to a prolonged economic crisis in the Arab country.

2y ago

If elected, Shahabuddin Mia, will be first Bangladeshi born German MP

If elected, Shahabuddin Mia, will be the first Bangladeshi-descent member of German parliament.

2y ago

Interfaith marriage: Bangladeshi community remains ill at ease

As a psychiatrist based in Australia, I write legal reports for those Bangladeshis seeking refugee status.

2y ago

A day out with Bangladeshi agricultural workers in south Portugal

​​​​​​​Located in southwestern Europe by the Atlantic Ocean, Portugal with its favourable climate and fertile soil has made significant progress in the agricultural sector.

2y ago

Fire burns belongings of 300 Bangladeshi agriculture workers in Greece

A fire in Greece has burnt down 36 temporary residences of about 300 Bangladeshi agriculture workers.

2y ago
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