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Climbing the ranks of your University Club

“Started from the bottom now we're here” – every promoted member ever.


There will be a lot of clubs to choose from at your university. It will eventually come down to your preference and interest. Once your mind is set to join a club, you don't hesitate to sign up for it and eagerly await for the recruitment to start. This is the stage where you begin to dream of all the things you plan on achieving during your time at the club. Maybe you will get to improve your CV or perhaps you'll leave a long-lasting legacy that your juniors will try to live up to.



This is where you'll get your hopes up even more. The orientation is basically the club boasting about its achievements and describing the endless possibilities you'll have over there. You'll have the club's advisor, president, vice president and other senior members trying to encourage you to achieve greatness during your tenure at the club. All this will have you pumped up even more. As the orientation comes to a close with some more motivation, your job as a general member of the club is about to begin.



“Congratulations, man! You deserve it.” – reads a random comment on your recent job update. Yup. “General Member” at XYZ club, some university. That's your current job title. You're living the dream. As a member, it's your responsibility to attend meetings and corresponding events of the club. As it so happens, one of those meetings talked about a certain event where all members had to be present as they had crucial roles to play. This is your first mission as a member. Arriving at the venue early, you get to the work you've been assigned. It took a while to get things done with a whole lot of dedication but finally, the task was completed. The chairs were arranged. You did a good job. “They have never seen chairs arranged this fast I bet”- this very thought crosses your mind along with the idea of a possible promotion in near future. 



Promotion. Yep, you earned it and you know how hard you've worked to be in this position. In fact, many club members can't even reach this stage. They will usually leave the club and its well-established hierarchy as an ordinary member. But not you. You have made sure that you no longer need to arrange chairs in meetings. You have a more important job now and that is to co-ordinate the positioning of these chairs. You get to boss your minions around. You could also be helping out at the member registration booth during recruitment. Some say that an executive is just like a senior level kamla whereas in reality, there is a lot more to it.     



Being the head of any department at your club is a pretty exhausting work. As director/team leader, you're required to head a team of individuals. You're the supreme leader of all the executives, sub-executives and general members. Be it the creative department or public relations, the responsibility is huge. You too end up feeling the pressure right before your club's biggest event of the year. To add to the pressure, you end up having all the useless kids in your department who ditch club meetings and pay no heed to your instructions. They're also MIA when it comes to doing actual club work. “Back when I was at their stage, I used to be so dedicated”- you chant this to yourself and to the few others who showed up at work, you begin to understand that not everyone is fit to be a part of the club.       



Climbing up the ranks of the club, you've now made it to the executive panel. Simply speaking, you're now one of the club's top guns who calls the shots. You, alongside the club's president and vice president, have it on your shoulders to take the club forward. It's your responsibility to manage the finances and to deal with the university authorities on behalf of the club when needed. As GS/Treasurer and part of the executive panel you have to make sure that the club's legacy does not come to a standstill. Hence, the future executive panel members, position-holders of the club as well as the normal members, are all scrutinised by you and your fellow panel members. Your amazing performance has the president and vice president's approval. In fact, your club's advisor has also taken a special interest in you.     



The former president and vice president of the club as well as the club's faculty advisor saw the potential in you. They were always observing you from behind the curtain and now, you've been rewarded. POTUC: President of the University Club. Your hard work has paid off. Your freshman dreams have now become a reality. You're now the club's key representative, its custodian. Apart from dealing with all the friend requests from your fans and followers, you also have to deal with the club's activities and proceedings. Whatever decision is to be made from or on behalf of the club, you're the last person who will be signing it. So a lot depends on your call. You also need to watch over the demands and needs of your club and its members, keep in touch with your advisor and authority. In no way can you neglect your duties as the overlord. As the days pass by and semesters end one after the other you begin to look for someone to pass on the mantle of club president as you plan to go into retirement.


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