Commuters suffer due to traffic jam on Airport Road  

Long tailback in Tejgaon area of Dhaka. Photo: Prabir Das

Commuters on Airport Road in Dhaka have been suffering since this morning as a tailback of few kilometres was created on the Dhaka-Mymensingh highway.

Vehicles could not pass the road in front of Monno Ceramics Ltd in Gazipur as it was submerged under water due to the incessant rain since morning.

Traffic situation on Banani-Uttara lane deteriorated due to rainwater, said Nabid Kamal Shaibal, deputy commissioner of Uttara Traffic Division.

"The road in front of Monno Ceramics Ltd in Gazipur has been in bad condition for a while. This morning it completely went under water," the official said.

However, the traffic situation from Mymensingh to Dhaka was normal, he added.

Sheikh Shahadat Ali, traffic inspector of Gazipur Metropolitan Police, also said that the road condition of Tongi Millgate Cherag Ali area was the reason behind the traffic congestion.

"Several holes were dug on the road to install pillars as part of the BRT project in the area. But the project has been halted since the accident that happened last month," the inspector said.

As the water submerged the road, vehicles were moving slowly to avoid falling inside the holes, he added.

However, the situation was gradually improving around 1pm, the time of filing of the report.

Meanwhile, social media users complained that they missed important appointments and were several hours late to work due to the road condition. Regular commuters of this route were in the dark about the reason behind.

Some claimed that VIP movement on the route was one of the reasons, some assumed rain had something to do with it. Many were alerting others and suggesting the route be avoided if possible.