Barishal City Polls

All hype, no result

AL meeting may escalate uncle-nephew conflict, fear attendees

No resolution was reached in a highly anticipated meeting aimed at resolving the conflict between Abul Khair Abdullah and his nephew Serniabat Sadiq Abdullah ahead of the Barishal city polls. The meeting, which took place yesterday evening, concluded without the presence of either Khair or Sadiq, leaving AL leaders and activists in Barishal disappointed and uncertain about the future.

Hopes were high that the meeting would bring an end to the bitter dispute within the AL but instead, it seemed to exacerbate the conflict further, with no fruitful outcome achieved, said meeting insiders seeking anonymity.

Sources closely associated with Khair's campaign cited his absence from the meeting as a result of the majority of attendees being loyal to Sadiq, indicating Khair's lack of influence within the Barishal AL.

Several senior AL central committee leaders, including Jahangir Kabir Nanak, AFM Bahauddin Nasim, Shammi Ahmed, and Afzal Hossain were present at the meeting, along with Abul Hasan Abdullah, who presided over the meeting and is the father of Sadiq and brother of Khair.

Gazi Nayeemul Hossain Litu, a loyalist to Sadiq and joint convener of the metropolitan unit AL, said, "The senior leaders instructed AL members to ensure victory for the party's candidates through any means necessary."

Nanak, Nasim, and Afzal are set to be present in Barishal from June 1 onwards to provide guidance and monitor the overall situation, with Nasim warning of strict action against those who oppose the party's decision.

Campaigns begin

Meanwhile, after receiving their electoral symbols, the mayoral candidates wasted no time and hit the streets immediately to kickstart their campaigns. The AL mayoral candidate pledged his commitment to development and accessibility to city corporation services for all residents. He addressed the issue of unequal progress, promising to address the city's problems and establish industries for employment opportunities. The Islami Andolan Bangladesh candidate also emphasised development, while the Jatiya Party candidate urged voters to participate and cast their votes, highlighting concerns about voter turnout.

With the upcoming Barishal City Corporation election scheduled for June 12, the electorate consisting of 276,298 people across 126 polling stations is eagerly awaiting a resolution to the AL conflict.

As the uncle-nephew feud remains unresolved, the city's political landscape hangs in uncertainty, leaving both supporters and observers wondering about the outcome and its impact on the upcoming election.