Mufti Ibrahim gets 15 months jail over derogatory remarks

Photo: Collected

A Dhaka court yesterday sentenced Mufti Kazi Ibrahim, an Islamic orator known for his controversial speeches, one year and three months in jail after he pleaded guilty to making derogatory remarks and anti-state activities.

However, he will not have to serve the time as he has been in jail since September 28, 2021, after he was arrested in the case filed under the Digital Security Act the same day, said Public Prosecutor Nazrul Islam Shamim.

Judge AM Julfiker Hayet of the Dhaka Cyber Tribunal handed down the sentence after Ibrahim pleaded guilty and sought mercy, he said.

Ibrahim admitted his offence during the time of charge framing hearing against him in the case filed with Mohammadpur Police Station.

On September 28, 2021, DB police arrested Ibrahim from his Mohammadpur house in the capital.

"Ibrahim made various false, provocative and defamatory remarks on social media that deteriorated law and order in the country," said the investigation officer of the case, while seeking his remand.

According to the verdict, his sentence has been completed because he has been in jail custody since September 28, 2021.


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