Zilbab: An online shopping destination for Islamic attires

Zilbab is a unique boutique shop that makes quality clothing available at affordable prices. They offer customised orders to the consumers and deliver the products online as per the customer’s demand. The product range includes women’s and children clothing including Abaya, Kheemar, salwar-kamij, hijab, skirt, khimar for salat etc.

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For a truly upscale, premium storage solution, many households are choosing the French Style units.

Rahul Ananda

I like playing with colours. That’s my style mantra.

style check / Nirab Hossain

Nirab Hossain is a popular name in the entertainment industry and is well known for both his acting and modelling skills. Nirab made his debut with the Bollywood film, ‘Sheitaan’in 2017.

Style check / Puja Cherry

What is your style mantra?

style check / Azim Uddula

Model, Azim Uddula has carved a niche for himself, not just in the Bangladeshi fashion industry, but in India as well. His striking good looks and strong personality made him a style icon. In this interview, Azim talks about his style statement.

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The anticipation for a picture-perfect wedding season is already in the air. And given the fact that Eid ul Azha was just here a few days