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For Farnaz Alam, your wedding should be the one perfect day where everything about you is just right. For the 2018 winter wedding season, Woman's World created the 'One Perfect Day' campaign to make many brides' wedding dreams come true.

When it comes to bridal makeup trends, Woman's World carries a different motto.

Alam says, "We never followed a typical trend. For us, the trend we uphold is not a particular style of makeup, but rather, we create styles that uphold each bride's uniqueness".

Alam explains that, especially nowadays, there is not one particular template for a bridal makeup trend. For the day of the halud, brides want the 'Bangaliana' look, so the makeup artists at Woman's World are well versed in the type of makeup products that will complement that style.

For the wedding day, the trend right now is the 'Anushka Sharma' makeup look, and then on the day of the reception, there is a new emerging trend of the 'Cinderella look.' And so, all the artists at Woman's World are equipped and ready to work with all sorts of styles that the brides and other clients want. Woman's World is offering 3-Day Packages, where you can get the makeup done for all your events under one bill and booking.

The two other packages for this winter wedding season are — the Bridal Package and the Cinderella Package.

The Bridal Package includes all the regular hair and sari services with the special addition of the flawless Air-Brush foundation. This comes with a variety of price ranges, depending on the bride's demand, there is the Blue package, which caters to brides that want the minimal look, and there is the Rose Gold package which goes full glam.

The Cinderella Package, or the party package, includes different types of hair styles in different packages, and their most premium package includes the Kona Lashes, which are mink lashes to really seal the look together. All three packages are applicable till 31 January.

It goes without saying that Woman's World's makeup artistry for wedding events will definitely include products from their cosmetic line Kona by Farnaz. Their best seller lipsticks, the Caramel Cream and the Dream Catcher are perfect for both daytime and evening events. This year, along with the Twinkling Star highlighter, a new highlighter called Snow Flakes will be added to the Kona makeup family.

Alam says, "The Twinkling Star is a subtler highlighter for the nose and forehead to give the face a strobe-like glow. The new highlighter is designed to give the effect of contour. You could say it is a type of shimmer contour you can use around the eyes to bring sharpness to the face".

The signature Woman's World bridal look lies in the eyes. In terms of global styles, we have seen the evolution of eye makeup throughout the last two centuries. Alam says, "We are on the bridal makeup timeline where we are not changing styles, but rather, creating fusion looks." She adds, "My favourite part of the look is creating the eyeshadow looks as every set of eyes is unique, and I like to bring out the best of the bride's features with the eye look".

Essentials: Makeup packages start from Tk 8,000 to Tk 40,000 including free makeover for friends and family. The Cinderella Package is a new service introduced for party goers, starting from Tk 2,000.


Photo courtesy: Woman's World


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