Restaurant Review | The Daily Star
  • Dining at Bukhara

    Bukhara is a classic Indian restaurant located at the heart of Kamal Ataturk Avenue, and it is home to one of the most authentic Indian tastes.

  • A taste of Arabian food

    Although Dhaka now has a myriad range of cuisines, Arabian food is still relatively less common. But there's Arabian Grill & Platter as a saviour to satisfy your palate if you are craving Arabian cuisine.

  • The best of the best quality @ Bbq Bangladesh

    Bbq Bangladesh is rebranding the family-style casual dining experience by making it more approachable without compromising on quality service.

  • Eating out at Kenny Rogers

    Looking for a new place to try out? For meat lovers, Kenny Rogers Roasters may be the way to go! Located in Gulshan-1...

  • Busy at Busy Beans

    Located in Mohakhali, Busy Beans is a eatery that opened recently.

  • Cold Stone Creamery opens in Dhaka

    Olive Tree Foods Limited has just brought forth the next level of ice cream in Dhaka by introducing Cold Stone Creamery.

  • Lounging at Foodbook

    In a time when the lack of good hangout lounges has deeply affected our lives, Foodbook is the first social network-themed lounge to open in Bangladesh.

  • Shiraz Restaurant opens in Dhaka

    The Kolkata-based Shiraz Restaurant has opened its doors for foodies of Dhaka.

  • Fine Dining at A restoran

    A restoran, located at Banani is a new fine dining experience that offers a variety of European dishes.

  • George's La Dolce Vita

    George's La Dolce Vita

    Far away from the chaos of Banani 11, La Dolce Vita is on the eighth floor of the building and is blessed with quite a nice view.