Restaurant Review | The Daily Star
  • Busy at Busy Beans

    Located in Mohakhali, Busy Beans is a eatery that opened recently.

  • Cold Stone Creamery opens in Dhaka

    Olive Tree Foods Limited has just brought forth the next level of ice cream in Dhaka by introducing Cold Stone Creamery.

  • Lounging at Foodbook

    In a time when the lack of good hangout lounges has deeply affected our lives, Foodbook is the first social network-themed lounge to open in Bangladesh.

  • Shiraz Restaurant opens in Dhaka

    The Kolkata-based Shiraz Restaurant has opened its doors for foodies of Dhaka.

  • Fine Dining at A restoran

    A restoran, located at Banani is a new fine dining experience that offers a variety of European dishes.

  • George's La Dolce Vita

    George's La Dolce Vita

    Far away from the chaos of Banani 11, La Dolce Vita is on the eighth floor of the building and is blessed with quite a nice view.

  • With a Twist of Orange

    The country has gone through a revolution for the past couple of years and a brand new culture has seeped in, which, till this day...

  • Meet. Eat. Repeat.

    There are very few places for us Dhakaites to create memories. We have a few parks scattered here and there, but apart from that, the only place for recreation we find here are cafés and restaurants.

  • For The Quintessential Dining Experience

    For a long while now, Dhaka city has been considered the ultimate hub of foodies. With very few options of activities around, eating out seems to be the best bet when in need of a good rendezvous.

  • A mouthful of Chittagong

    I miss the city where I grew up.. Chittagong, with its numerous hillocks and fields and beaches is a sharp contrast to the overcrowded, hectic and chaotic Dhaka. It had given me an amazing childhood.