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The Green Lounge experience

In the concrete capital of Dhaka, lies a hidden gem, 200 feet above ground, on the roof of the Rupayan Trade Center. The Green Lounge is an establishment like no other. It offers an experience that stays with you as you head back into the black and white world. Lush greeneries are embellished at every corner of the rooftop restaurant, along with wooden décor and enchanting lighting. The open sky and the fountain running down the middle of the rooftop harmonise to give everyone who walks into Green Lounge a deep sense of tranquillity, and a place to chill amidst their busy lives.

The restaurant stretches 22,000 square feet, with a seating capacity of 500 patrons. The Green Lounge team comprises of 80 staff members who are experts at providing top class customer satisfaction, and 3 chefs who are internationally certified to bring you the best of nature in a platter. They have a Thai and Afghani chef to provide you an authentic gastronomic experience. The menu includes seafood, Afghani Kebabs and Afghani style barbeque, karai, variety of special breads, dessert items, tropical smoothies, milkshakes and mocktails and different types of coffee. If you ask for their chefs' favourite, it is consistently the local seafood items, from the a la carte menu like the pomfret and the crab bhuna, and of course the grilled tiger prawn. All the seafood items are served with three types of chef special homemade sauces. The Green Lounge offers buffet throughout the day, featuring a large selection of multinational cuisines, and the a la carte menu is offered only between 4PM to 10PM. They also provide party booking and catering services. For parties, you may request a menu of your own choice that the chefs can prepare for you. Make sure to follow their Facebook for special Ramadan offers. You should know that The Green Lounge encourages calling for reservation so that their team can provide you the best experience. They truly consider every aspect of your visit to make it special for you.

On that note, The Green Lounge has seven different sections, designed to give you a unique memory to take with you. The Park Harbour at the entrance of the rooftop is meant to make you forget that you are on the 18th floor, and instead, makes you feel like you're near a waterfall with the fountain running through the middle. The Chilly Tale is the garden patio that covers the perimeters of the entire restaurant. It can accommodate up to 100 green loungers. In fact, it is reputed to be the best seat in the house, as it oversees the city. You can even catch the sunset from Chilly Tale. Lime Land is curtained by rich green plants and a fun fact about the Lime Land is that it is the only spot in the building that will give you an uninterrupted view of the Ramna Park. The Gozari Valley is set apart from the rest of the dining sections with an over-hanging balcony with walls made of actual Gozari wood. The Water-Lux provides a luxury setting for special occasions like exclusive corporate meetings and also intimate family gatherings, and it can hold a capacity of 24 guests. While the Chilly Tale is the best seat in the house for its amazing view, the Sky Deck can give you a more intimate experience as it hides away from the rest of the sections. And lastly, if you want a combined experience of indoors and outdoors, there is the Telescope section with a moon roof, a wonderful way to experience the rain.


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Location: 18th Floor, Rupayan Trade Center 114 Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue, Banglamotor, Dhaka

Call for reservations at: 02-55138615/ 0241030212

Lunch Buffet Sunday to Thursday- 12PM to 3:30PM

Lunch Buffet Weekends- 12PM to 4PM

Dinner Buffet- 6:30PM to 10:30PM

A la carte menu- 4PM to 10PM


Photo Courtesy: The Green Lounge


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