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  • Female attendants at lingerie stores

    For many, the process of shopping for lingerie at New Market or Gawsia and having to interact with male shop attendants is something they'd like to avoid as much as possible. The whole situation can easily get really awkward for some.

  • Decoding Family Dynamics in 2018

    If children are allowed to use gadgets at a very early age, it can affect their brain development, posture and vision in the long run. More subtle but as assured are the changes these gadgets can cause on a child's interpersonal and communication skills. Many children who spend longer amount of time on gadgets have been

  • The friendship complex zone

    As a child of growing interest, the idea of having friends and partners to play afternoon games with seemed like the best part of the day. However, as we grow up, our ideals and environment change, and so do we. With those changes around us, people seem to come and go. Before you know it, you are in your 20s or 30s and you think life through all over again and the true friends you make. But what even is a “true” friend?

  • G. Sumdany Don's Guide to Success

    Driving home past midnight were Ghulam Sumdany Don and his wife. They were returning to their Bashundhara residence after dropping one of their friends off at the airport. As their car stood at the gate of their home, waiting for the guard to unlock it, they found themselves in an unprecedented and baffling situation. A biker gang had encircled them with one of them demanding Don to come out of the car. He

  • An ode to loss and victory

    Nine months, which undeniably felt much longer than they were, had passed and thousands of lives had been lost. The lionhearted freedom fighters who had been in constant battle for days and nights persevered with every ounce of strength and courage they had left in them. Their resilience and unity had managed to weaken the nerves of the enemy to a significant extent and when the Indian forces joined

  • Birangana, representations of lost stories in the contemporary

    Only recently, as International Women's Day was observed throughout the world; the demise of freedom fighter Ferdousi Priyabhashini just two days before the day we celebrated womanhood, and the preparation to commemorate our Independence Day within a few days create both a sense of loss and joy in our hearts and minds.

  • Tackling the mobile menace

    Stop me if the following situation sounds familiar to you – you are in the middle of an important lecture when your phone starts ringing.

  • Boosting the next generation's IQ

    In 2002-2006, British professor of psychology Richard Lynn and Finnish professor of political science Tatu Vanhanen conducted

  • Curbing the impulse to buy

    Whims and spurs often catch us in the throes, rendering us incapable of rationality or reason. Succumbing to the consuming

  • How to deal with woofs and meows!

    Pets are lovely. Be it cats or dogs, our furry little friends take a lot of the blues away from our mundane day to day lives. But not all