Elder siblings: The inherent third parent

It goes without saying that the elder sibling plays a special role in every family. It remains unsaid, but an elder sibling often takes upon the character of a third parent. Among the various personas they cater to, there are some essential roles they play.

Bond Beyond 2021: Exploring the past, present, and future of 007

With an impressive 27 films (officially 25), spanning nearly 60 years, few movies or characters could ever match the iconic reputation that James Bond commands.

How not to steal somebody’s work: Plagiarism

In today’s world of free flowing ideas and open content on the web, plagiarism is often a matter of concern, across all industries with a creative element.

The conundrum of commuters’ woes in Dhaka city

Commuting in Dhaka city can be tricky, nerve-wracking, and both emotionally as well as physically exhausting. Most of all, one may contract anger management issues and find the need to consult a psychiatrist after manoeuvring in this city that is home to more than 18 million dwellers.

#perspective / Once upon a time, when I was at DU

A university is often referred to an alma mater, literally a kind and nurturing mother. Just like our relationships with our mothers, each student also has a unique relationship with their university.

Those were the Days…

For over a year, and since the pandemic was with us, I started writing a diary of my days in quarantine. Looking back at what I wrote a couple of days back, I thought: why not share a few of the thoughts that came to me over the year in a concise way with Star Lifestyle readers?

#perspective / Tattoos and Art: The artist’s perspective

As an illustrative form of self-expression, tattoos make one’s body their own personalised art gallery marked with creativity.

The one thing I do every day

What exactly is procrastination? It is the wonderful and elegant art of putting things off intentionally and mostly out of habit. Do you have trouble persuading yourself to do things you should do or wish to do?

My thoughts on our young adults

It’s been 20 long years since I’ve been dealing with young adults on a daily basis. As a result, I’ve become more than familiar with their sources of both happiness and agony. Even though it was difficult at first to teach a classroom full of children in their early ‘20s, I’ve grown to love them, understand them, and respect them as individuals.

Where do I belong?

The aroma of coal-caressed sheesh kabab wafting through the air is an allure or a promise. It’s hard to believe just how this power can blur the boundaries between imagination and the real indulgence. Right, I am talking about following that aroma to savour the delicacy.

Millennials doing it right!

As we advance in life from being toddlers to adolescents, then teenagers and adults, and once we finally embrace parenthood, we begin to decipher the circle of life. Although the stages every individual goes through remain the same, the process is in a constant state of modification as we transition from one generation to the next.

The dark night memories of 25 March 1971

Upon hearing the news, an unprecedented reaction engulfed the spectators. The crowd turned into a raging mass, a huge hue and cry with nationalistic slogans soon filled the galleries and echoed around the cricked field. Some of the spectators collected the newspaper and set those heaps of paper on fire.

Looking in, through the glass

But being denied an attainable dream, simply for your gender, or some prejudice enshrined in cultural heritage and traditions, can often feel terribly unfair and discouraging. One common manifestation of this phenomena can be termed as the glass ceiling, an amalgamation of the invisible and irrational barriers to women’s growth in the work place.

Newspapers and the new normal

Seeing the paper lying on the table every morning pepped me up and it was always something I looked forward to every morning. It has now been what feels like ages, ten months to be precise, since I held a newspaper in my hands.

She could take it back

Many of these environmental disasters seemed distant once, they are now increasingly closer to home in the shape of more severe natural calamities often rattling us. To forestall such disasters, it’s imperative that we wake up to the existential threat posed by nature, abused for years.

Things I failed to learn during the pandemic

The pandemic has taught me many things, from making fancy hot chocolate to finally learning how to knot checkerboard laces on gym shoes. What it has not taught me is how to remain calm when the toddler of the house faces an online admission test for kindergarten!

Blazing the trail for women’s football

“I have no room to sleep, and it’s impossible to sleep if it rains, as the rain drops find their way onto my bed, said 16-year-old Unnati Khatun, and famous female footballer native to Jhenidah.

Art therapy: Healing emotional trauma through creativity

The word “create” has been derived from the Latin word creare and this word is also etymologically associated with “growing.” To create something is to do; to do is to produce and this production bears both cognitive and social benefits for the subject involved in the task.

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