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  • Millennials doing it right!

    As we advance in life from being toddlers to adolescents, then teenagers and adults, and once we finally embrace parenthood, we begin to decipher the circle of life. Although the stages every individual goes through remain the same, the process is in a constant state of modification as we transition from one generation to the next.

  • The dark night memories of 25 March 1971

    Upon hearing the news, an unprecedented reaction engulfed the spectators. The crowd turned into a raging mass, a huge hue and cry with nationalistic slogans soon filled the galleries and echoed around the cricked field. Some of the spectators collected the newspaper and set those heaps of paper on fire.

  • Looking in, through the glass

    But being denied an attainable dream, simply for your gender, or some prejudice enshrined in cultural heritage and traditions, can often feel terribly unfair and discouraging. One common manifestation of this phenomena can be termed as the glass ceiling, an amalgamation of the invisible and irrational barriers to women’s growth in the work place.

  • Newspapers and the new normal

    Seeing the paper lying on the table every morning pepped me up and it was always something I looked forward to every morning. It has now been what feels like ages, ten months to be precise, since I held a newspaper in my hands.

  • She could take it back

    Many of these environmental disasters seemed distant once, they are now increasingly closer to home in the shape of more severe natural calamities often rattling us. To forestall such disasters, it’s imperative that we wake up to the existential threat posed by nature, abused for years.

  • Things I failed to learn during the pandemic

    The pandemic has taught me many things, from making fancy hot chocolate to finally learning how to knot checkerboard laces on gym shoes. What it has not taught me is how to remain calm when the toddler of the house faces an online admission test for kindergarten!

  • Blazing the trail for women’s football

    “I have no room to sleep, and it’s impossible to sleep if it rains, as the rain drops find their way onto my bed, said 16-year-old Unnati Khatun, and famous female footballer native to Jhenidah.

  • Art therapy: Healing emotional trauma through creativity

    The word “create” has been derived from the Latin word creare and this word is also etymologically associated with “growing.” To create something is to do; to do is to produce and this production bears both cognitive and social benefits for the subject involved in the task.

  • Things my child taught me

    As parents, we are expected to take up the responsibility to teach all sort of things to our children. However, it may come as a surprise but it is a fact that the tables also turn and we begin to learn from our children.

  • The lifestyle of online classes

    This is a common sentiment expressed by a lot of students and staff at institutions suddenly flooded with new challenges in creating IT access for all kinds of students.

  • Reverse Culture Shock

    I face countless criticisms on a daily basis. Be that over a harmless comment about Dhaka traffic or being happy about the cheapness of the beauty salons, I have been penalised for having an opinion about my own country— imagine that!

  • Marital life during pandemic

    On a countless number of couples worldwide, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought on unprecedented marital challenges. China, where the outbreak first occurred, experienced a spike in divorce after the country began to lift the lockdown.

  • Global response to Covid-19 must address rights and needs of women and girls

    As health systems become stretched, many people with Covid-19 will need to be cared for at home. This will add to women’s workload, and put them at greater risk of becoming infected.

  • More on the frontline healthcare workers in the UK

    It is emotionally upsetting to look after my colleagues who are fighting for their lives in the ICU.

  • Winning the corona war and more

    It is only natural to expect that healthcare professionals will live up to the commitments they had subscribed to when they signed up to be a health professional. However, appreciation and recognition of their work could do much to boost the morale of this group.

  • Online Exclusive: Road to recovery from Covid-19, a candid appeal

    Although the number of infection or deaths in Bangladesh is much less compared to other affected countries, the economy is most likely to reach a devastating stage, rendering many jobless.

  • Family portraits: a tradition lost in time

    It was a bright, sunny afternoon. The autumn sky wore a brilliant, clear blue. The rays of the sun shone through my balcony, casting a shadow on the floor that imitated the balustrade design. Despite the warmth, there was a comforting breeze singing cosy tunes of autumn.

  • The nightshift and its keepers

    What keeps the night owls —norm defying nocturnal sapiens, and daredevils trading blows with insomnia— going as they burn the midnight oil to the ashes of wicks left of their candle like spirits at dawn?

  • Every day is not an #Instahappy day

    We speak of super mums who manage everything effortlessly, but not enough on how much it takes to wear that ‘super mum hat.’ It is far easier to fall into that deep, dark abyss of anger, rage, and gloom than it is to climb back up again and search for sunshine.

  • Sustainable fashion

    Sustainable fashion

    Eco but desirable — a global agenda for Planet Fashion means looking good with a clear conscience. Essentially an awakening for the fashion industry at large, eco-friendly, ethical and sustainable clothing are slowly surging into the market, with zero compromises

  • Around the world in my Hijab

    So, when I started travelling, I found it surprising when people asked me questions like “is it difficult to travel with your hijab?” or “Do you face racism because of your hijab?” “Has anyone ever treated you differently because you wear the hijab?” And it dawned upon me

  • Press Freedom in Bangladesh

    World Press Freedom Day: Freedom of expression is good for business

    Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has set out an extremely ambitious vision to make Bangladesh a middle-income country by 2021, a higher middle-income one by 2030 and a “developed” one by 2041.

  • Depression and the mind

    Wake up in the morning, get dressed, scarf down your breakfast, and get to work as fast as you can, only to rush back home hours later. Insert days of socialising here and there and that is what life has become.

  • Palliative Care: the new healthcare frontier

    I came across the terminology 'palliative care' while conversing with a young couple sometime in late 2017. Being a non-medical person, I was unfamiliar with the term and other jargons that came up in that discussion.

  • Fagun Haway, based on the 1952 movement, is smart but not flawless

    Capturing political history in film

    We at the Seba Bangla Library in Atlanta recently screened Tauquir Ahmed's Fagun Haway (In Spring Breeze). The film, based on the 1952 language movement, is a mixed bag—while it truly soars in concept and approach, its execution is flawed.

  • Yesterday, once more!

    Yesterday, once more!

    The title of this column is borrowed from a very popular song from many years ago which we used to hum all the time. It was a

  • We Can End TB

    We Can End TB

    Nine year old Sabbir was ill. For several weeks he complained of chest pain and had a bad cough, sometimes coughing blood. His

  • Stop shaming stay-at-home women

    Stop shaming stay-at-home women

    The importance of women having financial independence cannot be overstated. It is the number one reason women stay in an abusive

  • Love for my language

    I am sure you have heard it, being hurled at someone, by someone who claims to love their mother tongue, so much that they cannot stand any other in their home turf.

  • Ekushey as a 'Bideshi'

    It's the fifth year that I've lived in Bangladesh, and the fifth opportunity to celebrate a day that makes me feel I am a part of something