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  • Harnessing the solar energy absorbed by the oceans

    The world's oceans constitute a vast natural reservoir for receiving and storing solar energy. They take in solar energy in proportion to their surface area, nearly three times that of land. As the sun warms the oceans, it creates a significant temperature difference between the surface water and the deeper water to which sunlight doesn't penetrate.

  • Unless power is checked, you cannot have liberty

    PUBLISHED in 1748, Montesquieu's The Spirit of the Laws remains, after over 250 years, one of the seminal works of political theory. Among this Age of Enlightenment philosopher's preoccupations was the relationship between power and freedom, and how the distribution of power in a government can be the crucial factor between a state of liberty and one of despotism.

  • Green is the new black

    Even though many claim global warming and the entire concept of climate change to be a hoax, it is very evident how global warming is causing various disrupting changes around us.

  • Is reading becoming redundant?

    I remember summer holidays during my middle-school years. On most days, I would be lazing around on the carpeted floor at one corner of the British Council library, with just a Roald Dahl classic in my hand.

  • Terrors of Hindi cartoons

    In the modern age of Doraemon, and Motu Patlu, children are bound to embrace the language they hear the most; the one they associate entertainment with!

  • Making friends as an adult

    The more we grow up, the harder it seems to get to know new people, and even more difficult is to make new friends. Somewhere along trudging through school to college to work, most have lost the concept of making new friends.

  • Changing at 25

    After that 20th birthday, time seems to pass by an awful lot quicker than it ever did before. Juggling jobs and sometimes higher studies, while trying to keep in touch with friends from college, all the while trying to live a decent healthy life is what one can expect from someone in their late twenties or early thirties.

  • Living the simple way

    Most of us have made a list of resolutions for the year. With nine months down, I wonder how many of us have actually been able to stick to those. By now we are all back on our messy tracks. But with only a little of 2018 left, we don’t much time to simplify things around us.

  • Just another mom- The fight against exclusivity

    Saharsha, now three, was diagnosed with cerebral palsy when she turned one. Cerebral palsy is an umbrella term for a condition that limits a person's ability to move. The neurologist got off from his chair and walked with an exaggerated gait, showing how the legs might scissor if Saharsha eventually learns to walk.

  • Female attendants at lingerie stores

    For many, the process of shopping for lingerie at New Market or Gawsia and having to interact with male shop attendants is something they'd like to avoid as much as possible. The whole situation can easily get really awkward for some.

  • Decoding Family Dynamics in 2018

    If children are allowed to use gadgets at a very early age, it can affect their brain development, posture and vision in the long run. More subtle but as assured are the changes these gadgets can cause on a child's interpersonal and communication skills. Many children who spend longer amount of time on gadgets have been

  • The friendship complex zone

    As a child of growing interest, the idea of having friends and partners to play afternoon games with seemed like the best part of the day. However, as we grow up, our ideals and environment change, and so do we. With those changes around us, people seem to come and go. Before you know it, you are in your 20s or 30s and you think life through all over again and the true friends you make. But what even is a “true” friend?

  • G. Sumdany Don's Guide to Success

    Driving home past midnight were Ghulam Sumdany Don and his wife. They were returning to their Bashundhara residence after dropping one of their friends off at the airport. As their car stood at the gate of their home, waiting for the guard to unlock it, they found themselves in an unprecedented and baffling situation. A biker gang had encircled them with one of them demanding Don to come out of the car. He

  • An ode to loss and victory

    Nine months, which undeniably felt much longer than they were, had passed and thousands of lives had been lost. The lionhearted freedom fighters who had been in constant battle for days and nights persevered with every ounce of strength and courage they had left in them. Their resilience and unity had managed to weaken the nerves of the enemy to a significant extent and when the Indian forces joined

  • Birangana, representations of lost stories in the contemporary

    Only recently, as International Women's Day was observed throughout the world; the demise of freedom fighter Ferdousi Priyabhashini just two days before the day we celebrated womanhood, and the preparation to commemorate our Independence Day within a few days create both a sense of loss and joy in our hearts and minds.

  • Tackling the mobile menace

    Stop me if the following situation sounds familiar to you – you are in the middle of an important lecture when your phone starts ringing.

  • Boosting the next generation's IQ

    In 2002-2006, British professor of psychology Richard Lynn and Finnish professor of political science Tatu Vanhanen conducted

  • Why private healthcare is failing

    There is no mistaking the severity of the crisis faced by our private healthcare.

  • How to deal with woofs and meows!

    Pets are lovely. Be it cats or dogs, our furry little friends take a lot of the blues away from our mundane day to day lives. But not all

  • Curbing the impulse to buy

    Whims and spurs often catch us in the throes, rendering us incapable of rationality or reason. Succumbing to the consuming

  • Women take up Facebook-commerce

    It was a surprise get-together where everyone was asked to wear dark blue saris.

  • Before midnight strikes

    Even if the statement is now a cliché, the energy behind the words remain youthful as ever. Every single stage of our life has its own beauty, however late teens and early twenties have their own distinct sense of unbridled excitement, nervous anticipation and colourful fervour.

  • What's on your bucket list?

    Unless you have been living under a rock or away from the world that is the internet, you have heard of the term bucket list!

  • Reclaiming Hope

    Reclaiming Hope

    As clichéd as it may sound, even in this age of digitisation, the handwritten word has a charm like no other. Often, a favoured line of poetry or quote is not remembered in words, rather, an image of the handwriting you first saw it in.

  • Bring back small weddings

    How many times have you sat bored at a wedding staring at the newly-wed couple (both of whom you are seeing for the first time) wondering why you were even invited to it in the first place?

  • Superstitions

    Superstitions — matters of the mind

    Not even two weeks ago I entered a room and was met with six faces, some smiling, others looking at their papers and the rest giving me just a bit of a nod acknowledging the fact of my presence.

  • A pseudo-science of selecting a partner

    We all have fostered the idea that love is pre-destined and that in the grand scheme of things, there is a special someone waiting just to be with us.

  • Giving peace of mind: Understanding life insurance

    Not only does life insurance offer the peace of mind of knowing your family would be alright, but policies can also help with saving for retirement and even paying medical bills, making it an important financial asset to have.

  • Why I will not log into Facebook this Eid

    Shall I dare visit social media during the upcoming Qurbani Eid? I'd rather not. You see, my 'friends list' is quite diverse, which is not necessarily a good thing.

  • Eid without loved ones

    But it is at times like these when some people are reminded of what's missing the most in their lives— their loved ones, reminding them of Eids bygone and of better, simpler times.