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  • The urgent need to save lives

    The year 2017 saw a sharp rise in road fatalities in Bangladesh. At least 2,297 people were killed and 5,480 injured in road accidents in the first half of the year, according to the National Committee to Protect Shipping, Roads and Railways, an organisation campaigning for safety in the transportation sector.

  • An ode to loss and victory

    Nine months, which undeniably felt much longer than they were, had passed and thousands of lives had been lost. The lionhearted freedom fighters who had been in constant battle for days and nights persevered with every ounce of strength and courage they had left in them. Their resilience and unity had managed to weaken the nerves of the enemy to a significant extent and when the Indian forces joined

  • Birangana, representations of lost stories in the contemporary

    Only recently, as International Women's Day was observed throughout the world; the demise of freedom fighter Ferdousi Priyabhashini just two days before the day we celebrated womanhood, and the preparation to commemorate our Independence Day within a few days create both a sense of loss and joy in our hearts and minds.

  • Why collapse of education is the collapse of a nation

    Education is a major driving force of development in any modern society. Quality education equips young people with knowledge and

  • Tackling the mobile menace

    Stop me if the following situation sounds familiar to you – you are in the middle of an important lecture when your phone starts ringing.

  • Boosting the next generation's IQ

    In 2002-2006, British professor of psychology Richard Lynn and Finnish professor of political science Tatu Vanhanen conducted

  • Why private healthcare is failing

    There is no mistaking the severity of the crisis faced by our private healthcare.

  • How to deal with woofs and meows!

    Pets are lovely. Be it cats or dogs, our furry little friends take a lot of the blues away from our mundane day to day lives. But not all

  • Curbing the impulse to buy

    Whims and spurs often catch us in the throes, rendering us incapable of rationality or reason. Succumbing to the consuming

  • Women take up Facebook-commerce

    It was a surprise get-together where everyone was asked to wear dark blue saris.

  • What's on your bucket list?

    Unless you have been living under a rock or away from the world that is the internet, you have heard of the term bucket list!

  • Before midnight strikes

    Even if the statement is now a cliché, the energy behind the words remain youthful as ever. Every single stage of our life has its own beauty, however late teens and early twenties have their own distinct sense of unbridled excitement, nervous anticipation and colourful fervour.

  • Reclaiming Hope

    Reclaiming Hope

    As clichéd as it may sound, even in this age of digitisation, the handwritten word has a charm like no other. Often, a favoured line of poetry or quote is not remembered in words, rather, an image of the handwriting you first saw it in.

  • Bring back small weddings

    How many times have you sat bored at a wedding staring at the newly-wed couple (both of whom you are seeing for the first time) wondering why you were even invited to it in the first place?

  • Superstitions

    Superstitions — matters of the mind

    Not even two weeks ago I entered a room and was met with six faces, some smiling, others looking at their papers and the rest giving me just a bit of a nod acknowledging the fact of my presence.

  • A pseudo-science of selecting a partner

    We all have fostered the idea that love is pre-destined and that in the grand scheme of things, there is a special someone waiting just to be with us.

  • Giving peace of mind: Understanding life insurance

    Not only does life insurance offer the peace of mind of knowing your family would be alright, but policies can also help with saving for retirement and even paying medical bills, making it an important financial asset to have.

  • Why I will not log into Facebook this Eid

    Shall I dare visit social media during the upcoming Qurbani Eid? I'd rather not. You see, my 'friends list' is quite diverse, which is not necessarily a good thing.

  • Eid without loved ones

    But it is at times like these when some people are reminded of what's missing the most in their lives— their loved ones, reminding them of Eids bygone and of better, simpler times.

  • How to choose your mentor?

    First learn stand, then learn fly” is the iconic dialog from the 1982 movie Karate Kid in which Mr.

  • Maintaining parallel lives - Always Safe For Work

    It has been reported by many research organisations that in 2017, already half the world's population uses the internet.

  • Social introvert; digital extrovert

    Manisha, a student of grade six says, “It is impossible to feel at ease at a dawat without my phone, I have no one to talk to here while all my friends are online.”

  • The Seven Year Itch Story

    It has been said time and again — 'Marriages are made in heaven and celebrated on earth'.

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    Ghosts of the past

    Relationships of a distant past sometimes have a way of creeping up on us, especially after marriage.

  • To parents, from one of your children

    Traditionally, we have been taught that parents are always right in the decisions they take for their children. In fact, parents often

  • The meanings of your dreams

    From times as ancient as the era of Egyptian Pharaohs and Islamic Prophets, dreams have been regarded as both premonitions of fortune and harbingers of sorrow.

  • No more masquerade…

    A mask is more than an objet d'art made by the able hands of an artisan, hung on the walls of an atelier or an uptown art shop for the connoisseurs to rave, the critic to piece passionate reviews about, sending kudos to the artist, appreciating creative exuberance at its finest!

  • The darker side of social media - Living the InstaLie

    Scroll down and like, scroll down even further and like again- sounds familiar? Yes, it is that same old routine that sneakily devours many hours of our lives.

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    The dilemma of sleepovers

    A night away from home and parents, adjusting to a different environment can be a great learning experience for a child or a teenager.

  • For the mother in you

    The first few weeks have passed in a rush and finally you have settled into a happy camaraderie with your little one. The initial wave of overwhelming baby duties has finally subsided and you sort of know your way around your baby now.