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Why every woman should give Menstrual Cups a chance

All of us women dread that time of the month, and we all know why. But since I've come across menstrual cups, my dread has deadened quite a lot. They've made my periods, and my life, a lot better. And today, I'll share with you why, so that you too are converted.

Forgetting you are on your period

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Compared to pads, with the constant concern of impending doom, cups turned out to be a miracle. Once I grasped how to wear it right and got comfortable with the process, I became oblivious to the usual discomfort that came with navigating the day (and night!) wearing a flimsy pad. Depending on your flow, you don't have to think about changing anything for 6-12 hours. You practically have to think about it once or twice a day.

Little to no leakage issues

There's very little possibility of leakage while doing almost anything if you wear your cup right. You can swim, stare at your laptop from your bed, exercise, dance, toss and turn when you sleep and you won't have to remember to be especially careful.

However, you have to learn to get the cup insertion right. This will take a few tries with a cup, but the struggle will eventually pass. You can wear a pad during your transition to the cup at first. But trust me, switching to a cup will be one of the happiest decisions you ever make. Read manuals and check out YouTube videos to understand better.

Feeling more connected to your body

While this sounds new age-y, wearing a cup has allowed me to understand my mind-body connection during the cycle better. Okay but why is that relevant? Simply because our female bodies are miracles and feeling connected to it and understanding exactly how much blood you lose makes you hate this important time less. You can also figure out what activities you'd like to engage in, or just switch off and rest if you want. Also, you're likelier to get a better night's sleep, because you won't have to think about changing for 6-12 hours!

At the risk of too-much-information, I'd also like to encourage women who might feel irked by the thought of wearing a cup up their base. I was weirded out too, at first. But the process of learning my body and my reproductive area has helped me learn and appreciate it better.

No more hiding or changing plans

Picture this; it's been a few hours on your second day and you're in a public place, and you wish to discard your used pad. You head for the nearest washroom, but to your dismay, there are no trash cans inside. With cups, it's only about the hassle of emptying and washing it and putting it back in—and not for hours at a time. You won't have to feel like you should change or power through hectic travel plans or activities because your cup will carry your worry, literally! Fun personal fact, I taught myself swimming in my adulthood on a trip wearing a cup!

Imagine never having to wonder how many tampons or pads to take with you when you go out or travel. Because you only need your ONE menstrual cup — for that extra space in the bag and a peaceful mind.

Saving money, time and the environment

You don't have to replace a cup for years. You just have to boil it with water before and after your period. Imagine the time, money, and energy you save on each of your periods because you won't have to buy new pads any more. Also, pads are terrible for the environment. My biggest motivation to ditch disposable period products was to help cure the environment. After I learned that disposable pads are non-degradable (made of up to 90 percent plastic) and will stay in the environment for about 800 years, I wanted to give this sustainable alternative a try. Made from reusable medical silicone, menstrual cups last up to 10 years and as you only need one, you can only imagine how much of waste you can spare our planet, and your own headaches, to dispose with discretion.

So are you ready to give menstrual cups a try?


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