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    The writer is an author and artist.

  • Why every woman should give Menstrual Cups a chance

    All of us women dread that time of the month, and we all know why. But since I’ve come across menstrual cups, my dread has deadened quite a lot. They’ve made my periods, and my life, a lot better. And today, I’ll share with you why, so that you too are converted.
  • Slow is better for the world: Broqué founder talks slow fashion

    In a world of “buy more, buy new, get it FAST, throw it faster,” what is slow fashion and should you care?
  • The lifestyle of online classes

    This is a common sentiment expressed by a lot of students and staff at institutions suddenly flooded with new challenges in creating IT access for all kinds of students.
  • The skirts are BACK

    From the land of saris and longer kurtas, it’s a no-brainer that skirts would be a natural derivative of east-western fusion wear. I wonder, are skirts the unsung heroes of our wardrobes? Sure, we love the freedom, privacy, and cool factor a pair of jeans brings, but the skirt has some much sartorial versatility to offer.

    “I wasn’t doing well at school through the second year of college,” he described, “Instead of approaching studies as a big goal to work on, I decided to make only very slight adjustments.