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  • Making museums

    Journeyman, a design company, has been involved in many museum projects’ interior designing. Nazneen Haque Mimi, an interior consultant, and a key individual of the company, worked in a number of these initiatives.

  • When the heart fails-living with heart failure

    Not everyone resorts to this go-to course of action when they have found themselves tossing and turning in bed deep into the night, maybe because they can't quite catch their breath even at rest.

  • Second Innings…

    …when I reached years of reflection, and began to look around me and take stock of my progress and position in the world, I stood already committed to a profound duplicity of life…it was thus rather the exacting nature of my aspirations than any particular degradation in my faults, that made me what I was… — Dr Jekyll

  • Olin’s ink

    Dhaka is far from being spoilt when it comes to good tattoo places. The city is simply not the right place for tattoos! But that thought is also quite wrong as Dhaka is now home to one of the most promising professional tattoo artists out there, working under the brand Olin Inkling.

  • “When you feel beautiful, you look beautiful”

    As part of Dove's long-standing philosophy in championing real beauty, appearance anxiety was the topic of a recent discussion, attended by — among others — Kaniz Almas Khan, the CEO and the Managing Director of Persona.

  • A tête-à-tête with Azra Mahmood: The standards of beauty

    With society setting near-impossible beauty standards for women, the pressure felt by girls to conform has never been greater.

  • Behind Aarong's four decades of success

    Tamara, the senior director of BRAC enterprises, heading 16 social enterprises including Aarong, believes that the craftspeople are the backbone of Aarong, and it is to them that she dedicates the revelry.

  • World Cancer Day 2018

    An insight to gynaecological and breast cancer

    Cancer is at the moment one of the most daunting and pressing health issues around the world, and research and other related work are being conducted around the world to find long term solutions to this critical and varied disease, if not a cure.

  • Reaching Year One with Häfele

    Synonymous with the most modern functionality and premium brand presence, Häfele opened a new doorway for the Bangladeshi market in January 2018. Through the opening of a design centre in Dhaka, the home furnishing scenario reached a new height with this one-stop centre.

  • Procedures in Gastrointestinal and Colorectal cancer

    Before discussing Gastrointestinal and Colorectal Cancer, can we discuss anal fistulas, fissures, and haemorrhoids? More to the point, are these preventable?

  • VLCC introduces Coolsculpting- non-invasive fat reduction

    VLCC has introduced Coolculpting treatment in Bangladesh, an FDA approved non-surgical fat reduction treatment for targeted elimination of fat cells without damage to other tissue.

  • The Bibi Russell phenomena

    “Gopal bhaar was speaking to the king in a murmured voice” – these are probably the first few words we walked into at Russell's office. Then some eager giggles… It would have been very easy for an unfamiliar person to get confused but we knew that Bibi Russel was up to her usual practice of teaching the street children their morals for the day.

  • A word on Gastrointestinal and Colorectal Cancer

    Colorectal Cancer is one of the top three cancers worldwide, and there are many reasons that would account for the increase in incidence of this particular cancer.

  • The revival of Indigo

    The revival of Indigo

    Even today, the story entailing indigo farming in the region of Bengal is one of indomitable tyranny and ruthless oppression. When the British rule collapsed, the cash crop almost vanished, leaving behind numerous dilapidated 'Neel Kuthis' (indigo extraction centres). However, the raw potency of indigo was what made its extinction far from possible in this region.

  • A legacy continues

    Throughout the world, Bata is often considered a local brand; such is its connection with the masses built over the decades it has operated in various countries.

  • Sudipa Chatterjee spices up Super Chef!

    In between shots, she managed to take some time out to talk about food, life and her part on the longest running show on Zee Bangla. The interview took off with her experience in Dhaka so far. Gastronomically, she has already been introduced to some of Bangladesh's staples like bhortas, vegetable dishes like narkel kochu, bhuna, Ilish,

  • Tete-a-tete with Munem Wasif

    Photography is the first frontier that experiences the full impact of technology, tastes and artistic expressions in this era immersed in colour. Yet, not all photographers are fully set in the colour bandwagon.

  • Dr Ashraf Siddiqui – his take on fables and folklores of Bengal

    Little did I know that my rendezvous with the eminent writer would exceed the scheduled time only because I would be mesmerised by the stories he narrates!

  • Pioneer in promoting beauty and health

    It was in Germany that the seeds were sown for my future business. I was accompanying my father on his official trip to Germany...

  • In conversation with Nawshin Khair

    Nawshin Khair is unflappable! It is 2 p.m. on a sunny January afternoon, and her office is a hive of activity.

  • In conversation with Farzana Shakil - makeup artist extraordinaire

    “I have grown up watching movies and observing heroines and their get-up. My love for movies probably inspired me to be passionate about fashion, beauty and makeup.

  • Our Khadi Heritage

    Khadi is a hand spun fabric, originating mainly in Southeast Asia. The cloth is made of cotton and may also include threads of silk or wool.

  • Azra Mahmood – Conversations on Confidence

    Dove instigated a series of campaigns to fight against prejudices related to women and ageing. Based on its campaign programmes, it arranged a roundtable discussion – 'How Old Are You' at The Daily Star centre on the 18th of October, 2016.

  • Talking with the king of Dhaka, Shahzaman Mozumder

    Shahzaman Mozumder is a 'Bir Protik' well known for his contribution in the liberation war of 1971. Following liberation, Shahzaman turned into a professional businessman in the 1980s.

  • Creating magic

    Eskay is a full service event and décor management firm located at the heart of Bashundhara. It specialises in providing high end interior designing and is equally impressive at organising and arranging themed events.

  • On the trail of an artist

    The early '80s was not a good time for young Nobo Kumar. "Because of the financial difficulties my family was going through at that time, I had to drop out from school," Nobo recollects.

  • Meeting Mr. Stephens Lo

    Mr. Stephens Lo Wai Onn, CEO of Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital, Singapore was in town to visit and explore various healthcare organisations and hospitals.

  • Samuel Re-loaded

    It was a love affair that started eight years ago, when Star Lifestyle discovered a then-unknown designer named Samuel Hoque...

  • Harunur Rashid Khan Monno - The visionary behind local ceramics

    Monno Ceramics, one of the leading ceramics manufacturing companies in Bangladesh, was established way back in 1985. Since then the best modellers in the industry have worked closely with the institutions to be able to provide consumers with some of the best designs and layout for ceramics.

  • Meeting Matt Preston

    Renowned food writer, critic, and judge on the hit TV show MasterChef Australia, Matt Preston, paid a visit to Bangladesh to promote the cookie brand Rivoli.