Men’s anxiety and other mental health issues

Scientific studies report that anxiety disorder is more common among women than in men. There are gender specific social teachings that contribute to mental health problems in both men and women.

Hypochondriac and OCD during the pandemic

The pandemic has significantly impacted overall mental health of the general population. Extent and severity of symptoms would vary from person to person, depending on the balance between adversities of life and available resources to cope with it.

Job satisfaction

Culture is powerful because it is so deeply entrenched in the psyche and lifestyle of a population that it becomes very difficult to name it, separate or identify it even though we know it exists. Culture of a population is palpable at every area of life including workplace.

Dealing with Stress

Stress is part and parcel of modern life and it isn't necessarily a bad thing. Positive stress motivates us and helps us to get things done. I suspect most of us would be living a vegetative life if there were no internal or external stressors at all to deal with! However, stress becomes negative when it demands too much personal and

Fixing a broken marriage

If we look at the history of marriage, it appears that back in the 18th century, marriage was mostly an economic arrangement. Marriage was used to manage wealth through merging properties of two families and then ensuring it through inheritance laws. Marriage also played a vital role in maintaining social class and adhering to the same social group (e.g. Brahman marrying Brahman or rich marrying rich etc.). In

INTERPRETER OF MALADIES / Society’s slings and arrows

I have extreme claustrophobia which reaches a point when I can't even get into an elevator with more than four people in it.

Childhood romances: The two sides of the same coin

Childhood romance has bitter sweet aspects to it. By childhood, I mean age groups of young children, preadolescents, pre-teens and early teens.

Addiction, love and recovery

Substance abuse disorder can destroy different areas of life in various degrees, depending on the nature and extent of the disease.

What's in a wedding?

Traditionally, the celebration of a union of two lives, weddings can have religious (nikah), social (receptions), and cultural (holud) aspects, at times, with an added financial one (dowry!), depending on the families involved.

Impacts of excessive sadness

Humans are emotional beings, meaning that a wide range of emotions are normal in human experiences, some of which are called negative emotions and some are called positive, depending on the kind of physiological response it evokes.

Lessons on morality

Morality is a heavily loaded contentious topic. We can explore it carefully to examine its benefits and drawbacks at individual, community or social level.

Addiction: the silent catastrophe

Addiction is a common problem that silently haunts many families around the world. Ignorance, secrecy and social stigma make this problem worse with consequent shame and isolation. Addiction is often defined as a pathological relationship with an external mood-altering agent despite all the negative consequences it brings.