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  • Seal in that hydration

    Winter is almost here, which can only mean one thing — time to lock in that moisture and keep your skin healthy, glowing and soft like a goose-feathered pillow.

  • The trusty petroleum jelly

    Petroleum jelly is one of those things that can be found in every household. In fact, it is hard to not have some version of a memory of your mum applying it all over your dry skin, or chapped lips, when you were younger. I

  • Prevent health risks the smart way

    Business Development experts always say, “Optimise your capital expenditure to minimise your operational expenses.


    To combat breast cancer, October had been declared as ‘Breast Cancer Awareness Month’ since 1985.

  • Sprouts that brave the dark

    Brighten up those little dark corners in your house with a little life. How so, you wonder?

  • Microwave baking: beginners’ mode

    It’s hard not to fall in love with the microwave these days. And how could it be? It helps us out on our laziest days, making cooking and baking both easier and quicker.

  • Summer’s gift — fruits

    Endless long summer days and the never-ending heat can only mean one thing — it’s time to load up on summer fruits to survive and thrive!

  • Handling anxiety attacks

    Now, these symptoms are a vague description of what can be happening to a person since everyone feels a different version of it and on different scales. However, they give us a rough idea of when we can term a behaviour as an anxiety or panic attack. Both physical and emotional symptoms can occur simultaneously during an attack, leaving a person even more frightened.

  • When tides are turning: the amazing microwave!

    Let’s not complicate matters further with a run down on physics and the scientific marvel that the microwave is. Frankly, it does not

  • Cricket mania goes online

    The ICC Cricket World Cup has began, and the entire cricketing world is gearing up for what promises to be a showdown between the finest gentlemen of the game this month, in the land where it all began, England and Wales.

  • Block prints haven

    All that discussion about block prints would do no good unless you actually know where it is available. Since block prints are the most affordable garb that looks both smart and urbane, it is actually one of the most preferred office wear.

  • Know your coffee

    From cappuccinos to macchiatos, coffee lovers out there are very much familiar with the caffeinated drinks’ very own lingo. Here is a quick guide, not just for newbies, but also the coffee connoisseurs looking to try out something new.

  • Artificial sweeteners- yes or no?

    Are you one of those people who desperately wants to lose weight, but at the same time, have a sweet tooth? Do you like adding two or more spoons of sugar to your cup of tea or coffee when your BMI tells you to have no sugar or only one spoon at most?

  • Breaking down dry shampoos

    Dry shampoo means you use it only on dry hair; applying it on wet or rinsed hair will simply not work. The point of using this product is to the results of shampooing the hair you do not actually wash your hair.

  • Shuttle — A new ride in town

    Transportation is one of the biggest issues the country faces, especially here in the capital where traffic has no mercy. For women it is harder finding the right vehicle given public transport is not always deemed safe.

  • The breakdown: air-dry vs. hairdryer

    The blow dryer is a very convenient tool that allows us to achieve flawless hairstyles in minutes. There are many newer models with many different coatings that minimise damage from the heat.

  • What Men Can't Do Without

    You will be shocked to hear that there are some who do not care for, or even know about face wash products. Leaving such blasphemy aside, the fact is that your skin needs to breathe.

  • EBL Women Banking - Banking on Women, Banking for Women

    Of the myriad services offered by various financial institutions, Eastern Bank Limited (EBL) has a set of propositions and services designed for women account holders. EBL features dedicated Women Banking help desks to cater to women's banking needs in all their 85 branches throughout Bangladesh.

  • The deity's nine avatars

    Durga, the goddess who symbolises shakti, or power, is worshipped in this season as she visits the mortal plane to bless her followers. Yet, this is not her only form. From the legends and words of scholars, we find there are nine avatars of Durga, better known as Navadurga. These nine avatars are worshipped over the nine nights of the Durga Puja (aptly named Navaratri) mainly in various regions of India.

  • Reading Food Labels Correctly

    Knowing what type of nutrients are present in the processed food that we eat and their exact amount is the key to being a cautious eater. Food labels or nutritional labels make it much easier to compare food and find nutritional values that suit the body.

  • SOS – picky eater ahead!

    “Oh God! My baby wouldn't eat anything and I mean anything at all!!!” If you are a mother, you'd definitely be able to relate to these words, so much so that it almost becomes a national dilemma. And why not? All the mothers in the world are complaining about the same thing- Bangladesh, Japan or Germany!

  • Methods of family Planning

    Modern day Family Planning

    As we are living in the modern and 'evolved' era, all aspects of life and people's lifestyles have taken a turn, a leap. Old perceptions are going as people embrace new and unprecedented techniques, methods and inventions.

  • The etiquettes of Qurbani

    The first thing to keep in mind is the welfare of the animal prior to slaughter, as well as your connection to it.

  • Drop the calories

    Some of us may think they have it slightly easy. With possibly little or no responsibility around the household they love lurking around the couch, watching TV and eleven men following a single white ball.

  • Road to a sound and healthy heart

    Does the sight of a cheesy, gooey burger or the mere mention of pizza make you drool in anticipation? And, have you ever wondered how your poor heart, pumping blood to all parts of your body, reacts to these cravings?

  • Facial grooming for girls

    Beauty is all about looking and feeling confident. If facial hair removal is something that brings more confidence to you, then why not go for it! And to help you with that, we're sharing some of the best ways of getting rid of all the unwanted hair, right from the comfort of your own home!

  • Irresistible Radiance

    Pearls are a true labour of love, although not human, as it is the oysters that nourish the infiltrating granules until the irritants become a real piece of beauty.

  • The magic of Ayurvedic medicines

    Tired of the constant visits to doctors and the excruciatingly long list of medicines that doesn't seem to work? Before you put your entire faith on western medicinal system, why not consider going back to traditional medicinal practices such as Ayurveda? After all, what scientists of modern medicine have proven only recently, the sages of the subcontinent had figured out more than 3000 years ago.

  • A blue glazed in white

    Home decor magazines may have their blazing trends that burn off last season's peak, but there is one that never leaves the pages- the eternal blue-white porcelain. From the tiniest floral or animal shaped palm-sized pieces to gargantuan vases that top over an adult's head and all that is in between- this time defining colour style is immensely popular among the pottery lovers of the world.

  • A surprise from the Nile

    While we hop across time and continents for the most awe-inspiring of blue and white, there is a very special blue that has to be mentioned. Egyptian faience is often