5 must-see places in Dinajpur

5 must-see places in Dinajpur
Photo: Kongkon Karmaker

Dinajpur is a place rich with history and archaeological sites. While there may not be many tourist activities, these locations make for a great travel destination with mesmerising insights into history, myth, and past traditions. Additionally, these locations, some now in ruins, are surrounded by untainted natural sights. For tourists and visitors looking to make the trip, here are some places to visit.

Ramsagar Dighi

Ramsagar Dighi, in Tezpur village of the Dinajpur district, is around 437,492 square metres and its average depth is 10 metres. According to legend, King Ramnath dug the dighi sometime before the Palashi conflict to supply water to the nearby villages. With Ramsagar Dighi, the charming Ramsagar National Park has been constructed. Campers will find this to be the perfect place to take in the starry sky.

Kantaji Mandir

The Kantaji Temple, sometimes referred to as the Navratna Temple, is one of the most famous architectures in Bangladesh. The temple was constructed in the 18th century, and is situated in Kantanagar village on the banks of the Dheepa River.

Maharaja Zamindar Prannath Roy began working on the temple, according to inscriptions on the temple. After Prannath Roy passed away in 1722, his son Maharaja Ramnath Roy finished building the temple in 1752. The temple was initially 70 feet tall. Due to damage from the 1897 earthquake, it is now only 50 feet tall.

5 must-see places in Dinajpur
Photo: Kongkon Karmaker

For visitors, the design and architecture, along with how it merges with nature is a mesmerising sight. The Mahabharata, the Ramayana, and other myths are depicted in 15,000 terracotta tiles on the exterior walls of the square temple. All of the first floor's doorways have several grooved arches and the pillars are elegantly ornamented. 

Nayabad Mosque

Another archaeological treasure from the Dinajpur district is the Nayabad mosque. According to a plaque on the Nayabad Mosque's wall, it was constructed in 1793, during the reign of Emperor Shah Alam II. There are currently only 100 terracotta artefacts left, despite the fact that Nayabad Mosque's architecture incorporates multiple terracotta plaques.

When tourists visit the Kantaji Mandir, making Nayabad Mosque a pitstop is suitable as it is only a few minutes away from the temple.

Dinajpur Rajbari

Another landmark from the district, which is found in the town's northeast is Dinajpur Rajbari, located in the Raj Batika area close to Rajarampur village. Despite being called a Rajbari, its historical background refers to it being a zamindar house. Dinajpur Rajbari has long been seen as a representation of the district's heritage and prosperity. Despite its poor conditions, this location is a must-see for history lovers and there are multiple buildings, which remain in good condition. 

The Kumar Mahal, Ayana Mahal, Rani Mahal, Laxmi Ghar, Atchala Ghar, Thakur Ghar, Kalia Jiu Temple, Attur Ghar, Rani Pukur, Champa Tala Dighi, and other buildings of Dinajpur Rajbari are a few places enriched with history as well. 

5 must-see places in Dinajpur
Photo: Kongkon Karmaker

Gopalganj Twin Temple

The Gopalganj Twin Temple, which consists of two Hindu temples, is located in the village of Gopalganj, about 6 kilometres to the north of the Dinajpur district headquarters. A chronology provided by David J McCutchen indicates that one of the two temples was constructed in 1743, the other in 1754.

25 spires (ratnas) with 12 facets make up the framework of one of the twin temples. The other temple has five spires and is shaped like a quadrangular. The temples, however, are in a state of destruction. The temple constructions are now unstable because the temple blocks were taken apart and used in nearby houses.

For tourists, this location is enriched with archaeological gems. The travel along the temples exposes tourists to nature and many of the ruins. It is advised to ask locals for directions on the way there.

Dinajpur is the perfect place for solo travellers looking to explore history and archaeological sites. There are also many parks and picnic spots like Shopnopuri Picnic Spot and Shopnopuri Artificial Amusement Park for family getaways.