Top 5 AC hacks to lower your electricity bills this summer

Top 5 AC hacks to lower your electricity bills this summer
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The scorching summer heat is making everyone use Air Conditioners more than ever, which brings the stress of a high electricity bill, but with the right AC use hacks, you can have a comfortable time inside your home by reducing your energy expenditure and in turn, lower your electric bills. Here are the top 5 AC use hacks you can try to lower your electric bills.

Use the right temperature

Your AC energy consumption largely depends on the temperature you set. According to a study; you can save as much as 30 per cent in electric bills if you use your AC at 25 to 27 degrees Celsius instead of 18 degrees. This is because at lower temperatures, your AC has to work at its highest capacity to make your room cool, so it's better to set your AC at a comfortable temperature for reduced energy expenditure to keep the bills low.   

Use sleep timers and fan to your advantage

You may feel like your AC has to be on all night to have a sound sleep, but that will definitely contribute towards a hefty electric bill. An easy way around this is to use your AC's sleep function to good use. Set the sleep function for either an hour or two. By that time, the AC will turn off on its own and the room will have cooled off enough. Alternatively, you can also set a timer for specific periods of time and then turn on the fan in your room, as the fan will continue to regulate the cold air even after the AC compressor has turned off.

Most modern AC's have auto restart function these days. With that, you can set your AC to turn on at select intervals, making it an excellent cost and energy saving alternative than using the AC all the time.

Make sure to cool your room internally

Your AC will have to work hard if your internal room temperature is already high thanks to sunlight entering your room through your windows and doors. One way around this is to use heavy curtains that will block sun light from completely entering your room. If you don't have heavy curtains, you can just drape something heavy like an extra bed sheet on your windows. Also check for any gaps between the doors and, plug any gaps like in the ventilator so that the cool air of AC can stay contained.

Keep your AC well-maintained

As a heavy home appliance, your AC will give you top performance if you maintain it properly. Things like a dirty air filter can significantly increase your AC energy use, reduce cooling efficiency, while also reducing the airflow and hampering the quality of your indoor air. So, always make sure to clean your AC filters at least once a month. Be sure to have a proper AC servicing once or twice a year, especially before the start of the summer to ensure your AC is giving its best and most energy efficient performance.

Invest in an energy efficient AC

With certain tips and tricks, your AC will have less energy expenditure, but if you want your AC to be cost effective while its running, then it's best to invest in energy efficient ACs like those with inverters. According to different studies, you can save anywhere from 30 per cent to 50 per cent in your electric bills with inverter ACs.