Essential pet care during winter

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Just like we need to pay greater attention to our health in the harsh weather, our pets too need extra love and care during the winter months. Whether you have a cat, a dog, or smaller pets, they must stay safe and warm. A vet can personally advise you on your pet's hygiene and health, so go visit one. Nevertheless, here are a few suggestions you may use for your pets to keep them healthy throughout the cold season.

Use warm cloths

It's crucial to keep pet animals warm throughout the season. Many suffer from health issues as they are not covered by woollen clothing. Use more warm, well-fitting sweaters and apparel for your pet to prevent exposure to the harsh winter weather. When taking them outside for a walk, put an extra warmer on them.

Keep them hydrated

Due to the fact that cold air absorbs more moisture from the body than warm air, pets can become dehydrated even in winter. Maintaining their internal hydration is crucial, so make sure they are getting enough water to drink. Try giving the water a flavour they like if they are refusing to drink water. Give them some wet food to assist their body to retain more water.

Make their bedding comfortable

We should make sure that our pets have a room of their own that is sufficiently warm and comfy, even though we all know how much they enjoy claiming every corner of the entire house as their own. Comfortable, familiar blankets and toys end up becoming their safe place. Additionally, if your home has any type of heater, make sure it is animal-proofed so that your pets do not hurt themselves while trying to get warm.

Groom them regularly 

Thorough grooming is important for your pet's health. To keep them warm and cosy, give them a warm bath, switch their sweaters, and use the right moisturisers to maintain their skin. Preferably, treat dry skin, cut between-toe hair, pay more attention to nails, and don't forget to give them a regular brushing.


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