6 habits to quit for a successful life

6 habits to quit for a successful life
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This fast and frenzied world has us constantly on our toes, needing us to upgrade ourselves every so often. Fortunately, there are several ways to figure out what might not be working for you and to find sustainable, productive ways to reach your very own version 2.0.

Hitting Snooze

Tempting as it is, hitting the snooze button is actually detrimental to your productivity. It interrupts your sleep cycle instead of extending it, and those few extra minutes are almost always the opposite of restful. Choose instead, to wake up at the same time every day. You will feel less groggy throughout the day and your internal clock will thank you.


There's temporary satisfaction in knowing you can do a number of things together. However, if quality of work done matters more to you than quantity, it's important to know that multitasking is actually slowing you down. As the mind switches between multiple tasks, it gets stressed, and loses productivity. To get more done, block off some time for each task and do only that for the stipulated time.


Putting things off until the last minute for some cheap thrills? We've all been on this boat. However, you may have noticed that the longer you wait, the more daunting the task starts to look. Break mammoth tasks into short jobs and tackle them one by one. Set a timer and challenge yourself to short goals. The instant gratification will buoy you up for the next task.

Saying "yes" to everything

Everyone loves a helpful person but there is a thin line between being nice and being a pushover. Trying to be there for everyone can take off a good chunk of your time. Listen to your heart and body before answering in the affirmative. Is your heart in it? If it doesn't excite you, it will almost always burn you out. Is your body ready for it? If you're being pulled into something when you're exhausted, it will probably make you resentful towards the person you are trying to help.

Not prioritising self-care

Your mind and body carry you through the path of success you chart for yourself. Being motivated is great but not at the expense of physical and mental health. Self-care and success are closely related, as a robust body and sprightly mind can help you deal with stress better and help you stay focused. So, take yourself out for a coffee once in a while, and languish in bed with a good book from time to time. You are only replenishing your energy reserve.

Validation, comparison, and the fear of failure

The only person you should seek to please is yourself. Looking for validation anywhere else can make you lose sign of your own worth. Along the same lines, it is also important to stop comparing yourself to others. Everyone has their unique growth trajectory and people rarely post their failures on social media. Finally, as Edison said, you never fail, you only find so many ways that don't work. Sometimes, it is okay to trust your instincts and take the leap of faith — at best, there is success, and if nothing else, you will at least get a lesson out of it.


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