Wear Your Hair, the French Way!

Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed

French hairstyles are all about looking soft and demure. Even their bangs have a fringy texture, giving it that chic, disheveled look that's just right. Harsh, geometric lines are replaced by texture and even a trendy bob lacks severity in French salons.
The French prefer their hair perfectly tousled, if there ever were an oxymoron. Ramrod straight hair is a fashion faux pas to them, almost an atrociously fool-proof way of making hair look limp and lifeless. More and more women in that part of Europe are opting for softer ends to their haircuts, going for the poetic optic rather than the more realistic, straight-out-of-a-salon look. They prefer some natural bounce and movement in their hair, carefree, but never careless.

Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed

When going for the famous French fringe, French hairstylist David Mallett says that the trick is in how it's being cut — with frayed ends and edges. It needs to look comfortable, like the ends of well-worn jeans, fresh and natural, and not at all like a recent trip to the salon!
For every day look, the classic Frenchwoman likes her hair naturally beachy and wavy and so they use their hair straighteners sparingly and more often than not, to create that windblown effect rather than anything else.
Even when it comes to colouring their hair, severity and glare is not for the French. Instead of a head full of very defined and uniform highlights, they often go for an expertly subtle touch — darker at the roots and progressively lighter at the edges. It needs to look real, and well blended, easy, and not something that has been overtly done up at the salon.

Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed

Every man or woman who claims to understand fashion knows that the effortless look, really needs the most effort to create and maintain it. The French excel at this genre of style and wear it like a crown, but their well-kept beauty secret is gradually being passed around to others in the industry as more and more women give up the harsh, obviously sculpted looks for more natural, messy styles that look fresh, timeless and more convincingly beautiful.


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