Hair care tips and tricks for the summer

Hair care tips and tricks
Photo: Shahrear Kabir Heemel

Whenever summer is at its peak, our hair has the roughest end of the stick as the first line of defence from the sun. So, it is essential that we give our hair some TLC.

Here are a few tips and tricks that will help you do just that.

Cover your hair

This is your cue to buy a nice scarf or a cap. We need it now more than ever. Covering up our hair will protect it from UV radiation from the sun. In addition to that it also protects, dust, pollution (always a problem in Bangladesh) and the wind. Wearing a hat or scarf would also make it easier for our scalp to retain its moisture. The benefits are endless.

Ease up on shampoo

Helping the scalp retain moisture goes hand in hand with healthy hair, washing it with shampoo too often robs the scalp of natural moisture. This is why we need to take it easy on the washing. Sure, the hot weather and COVID protocol have increased propensity for showers but we can leave the hair out of the rigorous equation every now and then and just rinse it.

Use sunscreen

This may seem a bit unconventional, because we are not referring to shampoos with UV protection but actual sunscreen. A handy trick to is to run your hands through your hair after applying sunscreen on face/neck, so that some of the residual sunscreen is applied to the hair. While it is could be a bit greasy, it does add UV protection. For the more dedicated, there are hair protections serums and scalp powders and sprays offering serious UV protection. 

A comb is the way to go

Brushes are extremely rough on your hair, especially when it's wet. They can cause further damage to tangled hair by causing breakage. This is why the use of a comb is recommended over brushes, the wider the comb the better. Combs are way gentler and also help with getting hair untangled.

Don't forget to condition

We know we asked you to shampoo less frequently but whenever you do, make sure to also use some conditioner as that helps restore moisture and smoothens the hair. If possible, also add a hair pack night to your weekly routine.


The perfect routine and the right products are nothing if we do not drink enough water. Hydration is the base of all our hard work. Drinking lots of water will also help our hair to stay hydrated and yield better results. Also, hydration is good in general. You just can't go wrong.


২ ঘণ্টা আগে|শিক্ষা

‘চলমান মেগা প্রকল্পগুলো শেষ হলে, শিক্ষাখাতে মেগাপ্রকল্প শুরু করা যাবে’

শিক্ষামন্ত্রী দীপু মনি বলেছেন, 'আমাদের যে মেগা প্রকল্পগুলো চলছে, সেগুলোর কাজ শেষ হলে আমি বিশ্বাস করি শিক্ষাখাতে মেগা প্রকল্পের কাজ শুরু করা যাবে। শিক্ষাই হবে আমাদের মেগাপ্রজেক্ট।'