Uniqueness the 'edge' for Bangladesh

Despite abysmal recent form, turmoil in the leadership and the fact that Bangladesh need to 'start taking baby steps in T20s' as skipper Shakib Al Hasan admitted, the Tigers are still one of the contenders going into the upcoming Asia Cup in the UAE.

Experience / Back from Davos!

This year the Global Shapers Dhaka Hub had the distinct honour of having the shapers attend the Annual Meeting at Davos for the first time.

Experience / Combining Dancing and Direction

“I’m nervous,” were the first words that director and writer of the film Gohin Balu Chor, Badrul Anam Saud, said during the press launch of the cinema. While he said that, all I could think was, “YOU'RE nervous?? What about me???”

experience / The Trip of a Lifetime: 100 Member Youth Delegation

We had to fly to Kolkata at dawn, so early that most of us arrived at the airport with eyes half-shut. By the time we reached, had lunch and settled into our hotel rooms, it was already late afternoon.

The Trip of a Lifetime: 100 Member Youth Delegation (Part Iv)

We arrived at Ahmedabad in a rush. But the rush was that of excitement and anxiety. We were in Gujrat, the land of colours, traditions and Garba! The fifth day of the 100 Member Delegation trip from Bangladesh to India had already begun, and we were ready for whatever was to come.

The Trip of a Lifetime: 100 Member Youth Delegation (Part III)

There we were sitting inside this enormous hall room, after being escorted inside the Presidential House- the Rashtrapati Bhawan, in Delhi, India.

The Trip of a Lifetime: 100 Member Youth Delegation (Part II)

My roommate, Sarzina, Radio Jockey, Radio Foorti, and I woke up in the early hours, still in a daze. Breakfast was always served by 7 AM, with only half an hour in hand before the bus would be ready to leave.

The Trip of a Lifetime: 100 Member Youth Delegation

It began with apprehension, to be honest- a hundred people, of a hundred kinds, from a hundred places. I was never much of

Wabi-sabi – A life of Fulfillment (Part III)

Art makes me sense bloom.' I need to find a place to free my inner inhibition, an environment that would allow me to break any rule at any point.

The Three-Day Folk Fest: In Summary

The month of November started out with a bang! Starting off with the Dhaka International Folk Fest, the month has a lot in store for us --- more music and also literature.

Wabi-sabi – A life of Fulfillment (Part II)

The Japanese weather at that time was unpredictable. So my consciousness was constantly aroused by the natural drama.

Wabi-sabi – A life of Fulfillment

“Droll is not what you see but what others see”, To bring a meaning out of it takes contest and that is what makes life stimulating and

10 years of our Nobel Peace Prize

It was October 13, 2006. I was stuck in a coaching centre, waiting for inevitable doom as a math quiz was about to take place.


If you have the fear of public speaking, you are surely not alone! Stage fright is a very common phobia indeed. Even many influential

Sharing the Dignity

"I am Shakibul Hasan Bappi from Gaibandha. My father is a landless farmer. He works in the rice field of rich land owners. However, he

A Trip of a Lifetime

On October 4, 2015 Hazrat Shah Amanat International Airport was filled with some special young passengers. The excitement was

Learning From the Periphery

“t's the 4th time I've celebrated my birthday without my family. I'm missing them, but I am so overwhelmed by the surprise that my friends here have planned!