Voting rights snatched using admin

Says Khaleda on municipal polls

BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia yesterday alleged that the government snatched people's votes in Wednesday's municipal polls by using the administration, law enforcers and presiding officers.

“The government has used the administration, law enforcers and  presiding officers like its party men, threatening them in different ways to work for them,” said Khaleda.

The BNP chief made the remarks while addressing a meeting at the Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh, in the capital. The programme was organised by BNP's student wing Jatiyatabadi Chhatra Dal (JCD), marking its 37th founding anniversary.

“I don't blame the officers in the administration, as the government has spread a rumour that all of them will be fired from their posts if the BNP comes to power,” said Khaleda.

“But I want to assure you that you will be at your own post no matter who comes to power,” she added.

Bringing allegation of gross rigging in the recently concluded municipal polls, Khaleda said the polls have proved again that no free and fair election is possible under the “Hasina-Rakib administration”.

She said the BNP rejected the results of the “Hasina-Rakib style” polls, as the polls had no credibility.

“It has been exposed to the media how voting was rigged under the Hasina-Rakib administration. Nobody can accept it.”

Khaleda lashed out at the Election Commission as it did not deploy army during the polls even after repeated pleas from the party. She said the BNP demanded deployment of the army so that agents of the party could stay in polling centres and people could cast their votes without fear.

She asked her party men not to be disappointed over the polls results, saying free and fair elections would be held in future.

“Free and fair polls will be held on time in this country,” she said, adding that the sacrifices of her party's leaders and activists who had been killed or made disappeared would not go in vain.

 Pointing to the ruling party winners, she said there is no reason to be happy and that they would have to pay for what they did to the people during the polls.

Mentioning that the country was going through a very critical time, Khaleda said, “There is no democracy in the country. It's not only autocracy now. Monarchy has been established now in the country and everything is happening as per one person's will.”

She also demanded immediate release of all arrested leaders and activists of her party and withdrawal of fake cases against them.

BNP candidates won in 19 municipalities as mayor out of 234 municipalities.


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