Trains to have 20kmph speed limit inside Lawachara

In the letter sent to the director general of Bangladesh Railway, the railway ministry asked for necessary measures to be taken to keep the speed limit of all trains running on this route below 20kmph to prevent the death of wildlife on the railway line on Lawachahra National Park and to ensure they can cross easily

Amazon hydropower: Brazil's 'people of the river' pay the price

The waters of the Xingu River below the Belo Monte hydropower dam, in Brazil's Amazon, used to flood the river's forested islands during the rainy season, allowing fish to glide among the trees and gorge on fallen fruit.

‘Protect Sangu-Matamuhuri sanctuary, reserve forest’

Parbatya Chattogram Forest and Land Rights Protection Movement has called upon authorities concerned to take measures to protect the Sangu-Matamuhuri Sanctuary and the Reserve Natural Forest and take action against those destroying the forest.

Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon reaches decade high

The destruction of Brazil's Amazon rainforest reached its highest level in a decade this year, government data shows, driven by illegal logging and the encroachment of agriculture on the jungle.

Watch these crabs make yearly journey from forest to sea

Cuba's Bay of Pigs has been invaded again, this time not by US-backed anti-Castro forces, but by millions of red, yellow and black landcrabs.

UN report: 'Decisive year' for world's forestry

The world's forests face a "decisive year" as nations prepare to adopt the Sustainable Development Goals and gather for key climate talks, a UN report says.

Don’t allot lands for any purpose that damages forest: HC

The High Court observes that any notified forest area, no matter whether it is declared reserved forest or not, cannot be allocated or leased for any purpose that damages the country’s forest.

Amazon fires pose health risks to children: WHO

Fires raging in the Amazon pose a risk to health including from respiratory diseases, especially in children, the World Health Organization (WHO) says.

Brazil says open to aid for Amazon fires

Brazil says it was ready to accept foreign aid to help fight fires in the Amazon but only if it could determine how it was spent, in an apparent attempt to smooth over a public spat between the Brazilian and French presidents.

Why is part of the Amazon burning?

The thousands of fires burning in the Amazon don't look like the major forest fires of Europe or North America -- instead, they are fueled mainly by branches, vegetation and other byproducts of deforestation in cleared areas, experts say.

Amazon fire: Bolsonaro tells rest of world not to interfere

Amid growing international criticism over the wildfires raging through the Amazon, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro admits farmers could be illegally setting the rainforest ablaze but tells foreign powers not to interfere.

‘Red alert’ in Sundarbans against poaching

Forest officers issue a “red alert” in Sundarbans forest against poaching to protect wildlife for the overflow of tourists in Eid season.