Kumar Bishwajit provides latest updates on son’s condition

Kumar Bishwajit gives updates on son’s condition after accident
Photo: Taken from Facebook

Legendary singer Kumar Bishwajit, along with his wife Naima Sultana, had rushed to Canada after receiving news of their son's road accident. They arrived in Toronto, Canada at 11:30 pm (Bangladesh time) on Wednesday—according to the artiste's family.

After completing the necessary formalities at the airport, Kumar Bishwajit and Naima Sultana rushed to the hospital to see Kumar Nibir. Once there, he received the latest updates on his son's physical condition from the doctors.

Speaking about the updates he received from the doctors, Kumar Bishwajit said, "There are still two stages of intensive treatment left for Nibir. By the grace of God, if we can cross these two stages perfectly, then I will be able to say that the things have been 100 percent successful."

When asked what the two stages involved, Bishwajit replied, "The first stage will be when his breathing is stabilised and he is able to breathe normally. Stage two will involve him regaining consciousness. There is a lot of pain in his body. In the meantime, a stomach surgery was completed already.

The singer also shared that Nibir had already undergone two surgeries after being admitted to the hospital. The first was a brain surgery, to remove the blood clot that had formed. The second surgery was the aforementioned stomach surgery. There is also a possibility that he might have to undergo further surgeries.

Elaborating on the issue, Kumar Bishwajit said, "Nibir may have to undergo another surgery. The doctors believe that he may have had a stroke as well. Once his breathing is stabilised, and he regain consciousness, then we will see about this third surgery."

Overall, the singer also shared that Nibir's condition has largely been unchanged, however, thankfully there has been no deterioration. He also noted, "He is being treated at St Michael's Hospital in Toronto, Canada. Also, the one in charge of the intensive surgery is the best neurosurgeon in the hospital."

Kumar Nibir is Kumar Bishwajit's only son. He was living in Canada to pursue his education. On Tuesday (Bangladesh time) Nibir was seriously injured in a tragic road accident. The three other Bangladeshi students who were in the car passed away. At the time of the accident, Nibir was in the driver's seat. The car met with an accident as it was travelling at excessive speeds. After colliding with a road divider, the car overturned and caught on fire.