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  • rohingya camp balukhali

    ROHINGYA REFUGEES: $950m needed in next 10 months

    The United Nations and the Bangladesh government have prepared a plan to provide an assistance of $950 million to the Rohingya refugees and the vulnerable locals in Cox's Bazar for 10 months until December. The move comes amid concerns that the repatriation of the refugees would take time.

  • Celebrating a Braveheart

    A tribute to artist and freedom fighter Ferdousi Priyabhashini on a day we celebrate women could not be more befitting except for the fact that it should have been a tribute to a living legend not a eulogy for a hero who is no more. She passed away on March 6. When one looks at the life of this incredibly brave and beautiful woman one cannot help but feel that we as a nation have failed miserably to pay our dues to this freedom fighter.

  • JUTE DAY TODAY: Reality vs labour law

    Every time he extends his hands to seek alms, Sohrab Hossain, 63, looks embarrassed. Begging has never been his livelihood; it is now.

  • A house is seen on fire

    Rohingya Crisis: The UN failure makes reform call louder

    Monday was another day of reckoning for the United Nations. As the UN chief and the UN high commissioner on human rights decried the mass violation of human rights, genocide and unjust wars raging all over the world from Syria to Myanmar to Congo, one thing came out even clearer -- the undemocratic character of the UN system has left the world an unsafe place for the weak.

  • Syed Manzoorul Islam

    'Make question paper leaks redundant'

    "Our examinations hardly test the students' creativity; these are geared more toward testing their memory. Take the MCQ system. It's a quick and snappy way to judge the proficiency of students in a particular topic," says Syed Manzoorul Islam.

  • Pilkhana BDR Mutiny

    9 Years of BDR Carnage: Still waiting for justice

    With the country observing the anniversary of the BDR mutiny today, victims' families are still waiting for the execution of the verdict in a case filed over the killings of their near and dear ones nine years ago.

  • What is happening in Rangamati?

    A lot has had happened since word spread that one Marma girl was allegedly raped, and another molested, by members of security forces last month. The claims led to a confusing chain of events involving state forces and rights activists which rapidly escalated the crisis. On one hand, a court ordered the girls to be handed over to the custody of their parents, against their wishes. On the other hand, the queen

  • British Colonial Architecture in Bengal

    This is why it is of greatest urgency now to preserve all old structures that are still standing today. These works should be documented as much as possible by historians who are researching on these regions.

  • rangamati map

    'Raped, Harassed' Marma Girls: Traceless after leaving hospital

    The two Marma sisters, one of whom was allegedly raped and the other sexually assaulted by members of security forces last month, were handed over to their parents at Rangamati Sadar Hospital yesterday in presence of police.

  • The superior choice

    Last week, Bangladesh's Power Development Board (PDB) and India's National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) announced that they will form a committee to decide whether to build a large coal plant or solar farm in India for additional power import into Bangladesh.