Confronting genocidal regime and global apathy: The Rohingya perspective

“We have been victims of genocide for decades and acknowledged as the most persecuted minority, yet the world has cared little about our legitimate rights and claims. It is time we took charge of our own destiny.”

Education budget not enough for 40 million learners

The government has declared the national budget at a time when the world is still reeling from the Covid pandemic.

Bangladesh must protect its human rights defenders

It is not just anti-corruption HRDs who fear being targeted in Bangladesh.

Election 2023: Is the BNP still relevant?

With the next general election due in 2023, nobody really knows whether Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), the main political opposition in the country, will participate in it.

Issues that should be in focus in budget 2022-23

The finance minister of Bangladesh is scheduled to place the national budget for 2022-23 fiscal year at parliament on June 9.

Prices of machetes, bamboo and iron rods to go up?

It may seem like an odd assortment of items to be afflicted by the inflationary fever currently in circulation, but following the basic rules of economics—when demand goes up, with existing supply, prices will go up in a free market

GDP: A misleading measure of development

Annual GDP refers to the financial value of all the products and services produced in a country in a given year. This means as a country’s financial transactions increase, so does GDP.

Normalise happy divorces, not unhappy marriages

Why do we never question the psychological impact on children stuck between two parents in an unhappy marriage?

Moral policing: A zombie virus

What the Narsingdi Railway incident really reveals about our society's attitude towards women.

A not-so-smart proposal for an offshore smart city

In an unprecedented move, the parliamentary standing committee on housing and public works ministry has directly recommended a major development project—to build an offshore smart city claiming land from the Bay of Bengal—directly to the prime minister.

Building social cohesion: How can education help?

French sociologist Emile Durkheim described social cohesion as organic solidarity arising from peoples’ dependence on each other in a modern society.

The Fantasy of an Empty Dhaka

One recurring discourse in Dhaka, especially before and after Eid holidays, is that of an “empty” city.