Taqi's murder

Ensure justice

Everything about the Taqi murder case screams of injustice, an injustice that is beginning to question the credibility of the administration.   Three long years have passed since the brutal murder of Tanwir Muhammad Taqi, an ace student, without investigators pressing charges in the case as yet, despite the huge attention it continues to receive from the media and the people across the country. 

The road to justice has not only been long but fraught with danger all along for Taqi's family. Rafiur Rabbi, father of the slain teenager and   renowned cultural activist is, reportedly, being hounded by associates of the accused belonging to a powerful quarter in the area. A prominent lawyer who has been advocating the trial of the killers had his office ransacked by a group of men allegedly working for the same people.  

It gets worse. Investigators are now hinting at "some changes" in the draft of the investigation report that identified the nephew of a local MP and ten of his associates in the murder. Rafiur Rabbi, the father, had submitted a complaint to the SP of Narayanganj on March 18 in 2013, accusing a number of people including a local politician and his son.  

The administration should not believe that a crime like this will just fade into history. The state is under legal obligation to provide the victim's family with security in the pursuit of truth and justice. Legal process must not be tampered with to dilute the merit of the case. 


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