Vessel movement resumes after Komen weakens

Rain and strong winds lash Chittagong due to cyclone Komen Thursday afternoon. Photo: Anurup Kanti Das/Star

Bangladesh Water Transport Authority (BIWTA) resumed water vessel movement in all internal routes around 10:00am as cyclone Komen weakens, said Mozammel Haque, Chairman of BIWTA.

Maritime ports of Chittagong and Cox’s Bazar have been advised to lower cautionary danger signal no. 7 but instead hoist local cautionary signal no. three.

Maritime ports of Mongla and Payra have been advised to lower cautionary danger signal no. 5 and hoist local cautionary signal no. three.

All fishing boats, trawlers and marine vessels over North Bay have been advised to remain in shelter till this afternoon and proceed with caution till further notice.

Tropical storm Komen has started to weaken and crossed the Chittagong coast this morning without causing any serious damages.

The coastal observations and radar imageries indicate that the coast crossing cyclonic storm “Komen” crossed Chittagong coast near Sandwip at 6:00am today, according to Dhaka met office.

It now lies over Noakhali and adjoining land area as a land depression.

Loading and unloading work at the ship anchorage in the Chittagong sea port resumed since this morning, reports our Chittagong correspondent, quoting Zafar Alam a member (admin and planning) of the Chittagong Port Authority.

The same activities remain halted at the ships currently anchored at the outer anchorage of the Chittagong port due to heavy rain, the official added.     


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