Food cooked in PM’s residence without onion

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Photo: Collected

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina yesterday had her meals cooked without onion as the essential cooking ingredient appeared to a costly item in recent days.

“We stopped eating onion . . . all foods in my house were cooked this noon without onion,” a premier office spokesman quoted her as saying.

Sheikh Hasina added that she found the foods without onion to be “very tasty and delicious” as well and thanked the cook of her residence for preparing the foods.

Prime minister’s deputy press secretary Hasan Zahid Tusher said she made the comment ahead of her departure for the United Arab Emirates (UAE) at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport this evening.

The premier’s comments came hours after she announced at party rally that onion’s abnormal price hike prompted the government to order its import through cargo planes to immediately contain its price.



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