Severing of Rajshahi student’s forearm: Bus seized

Bus responsible for severing Rajshahi College student’s forearm
File photo of the seized bus of “Mohammad Ali Paribahan” which is responsible for severing the forearm of Feroz Sarker, a Rajshahi College student on June 28, 2019.

Law enforcers have seized the bus of “Mohammad Ali Paribahan” linked to an accident in which Feroz Sarker, a Rajshahi College student, lost his forearm on Friday.

The bus was seized from Sherion bus stand in the city around 11:00pm yesterday, Golam Ruhul Kuddus, additional deputy commissioner of Rajshahi Metropolitan Police (RMP), told our Rajshahi correspondent.

Police also identified the bus driver as Faruk, a resident of Puthia upazila in Rajshahi, scrutinizing CCTV footage but he could not be arrested yet, the police official added.

Md Feroz Sarker, 25, a Masters student of social welfare department of Rajshahi Government College, lost his right hand as a sand-laden truck hit the back of the bus in Katakhali area on outskirts of Rajshahi city on Friday.

The accident took place when he kept his right arm on the window, according to police. Feroz was travelling the bus while going to Rajshahi from his Nandigram home in Bogura.

The law enforcers however could not trace the truck yet.    

Yesterday, doctors at Rajshahi Medical College Hospital said they somehow managed to stop bleeding, but they could not join his hand that was severed in the accident.

Feroz underwent a surgery on Friday night and he is out of danger, the doctors said.

Students of Rajshahi Government College burst into protest on the college premises and demanding punishment of the bus and truck drivers.

The bus was overcrowded and the driver was driving very roughly, said Feroz’s friend Biressar Pramanik, who was also travelling with him.

Passengers asked the driver several times to drive carefully, he said.

When they boarded the bus, Feroz managed a seat on the back row while Biresswar got no seat, he said.





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