Ensure safety measures in building sector: EU

It condoles loss of lives in FR Tower fire

The European Union (EU) has called upon the government of Bangladesh to take policy measures in the economic sectors in Bangladesh, including in the building sector like RMG, to ensure safety at workplace.

The EU attaches high importance to safety at the workplace and has been working since 2013 with the authorities of Bangladesh to improve workplace safety in the readymade garment sector.

“The Delegation of the European Union to Bangladesh expresses its deep condolences for the loss of lives from the fire at FR Tower on Kamal Ataturk Avenue at Banani, Dhaka. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families which lost their dear ones,” said Konstantinos Vardakis, Chargé d'Affaires (diplomatic representative) of EU in Bangladesh, on Friday.

The EU Delegation also wished early recovery of those who have sustained injuries from the fire.


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