Now citizens demand Wasa water testing

Now citizens demand Dhaka Wasa water testing
Activists under banner Poribesh Bachao Andolon on human chain near the building of state-run water supply company Wasa on April 25, 2019. Photo: Foisal Ahmed

Citizens have now demanded testing of Wasa water amid criticism over the company’s claim of supplying “100 per cent drinkable water”.

The demand was placed forth by Poribesh Bachao Andolon from a human chain held in front of the Wasa headquarters in Dhaka this morning.

“Wasa must test its own water and make the report public after making such a claim,” said Abu Naser Khan, chairman of the environmentalist group.

“Even the ministers boil Wasa water at their homes before drinking it. Such a claim of Wasa insults all the dwellers of Dhaka city,” he said.

The group also demanded independent testing of Wasa water.

“Wasa gives us bad water and claims to be supplying 100 per cent drinkable water. This is contrary to consumer rights law,” said Mohiuddin Ahmed, president of Bangladesh Mobile Phone Consumers’ Association, at the event.

Wasa’s Managing Director Taksim A Khan rubbished an independent report against its supply water recently and said the water is “100 per cent drinkable”.

The claim drew social flak, prompting a group of people from Jurain to take samples up to his office and make him drink it.

It all surfaced after Transparency International Bangladesh published a report that said 91 per cent of city dwellers have to boil the supply water before drinking it.