BR to build container depot in Gazipur to transport RMG

Bangladesh Railway (BR) will build an inland container depot (ICD) in Gazipur to facilitate the transportation of readymade garment (RMG) production directly from the factories in the district to the port city of Chittagong.

Railways Secretary (acting) Md Mansur Ali Sikdar told the news agency that the ministry had decided to construct ICD at Dhirashram, Gazipur so that the RMG factory owners could be attracted to use the railway service in sending their consignments to Chittagong.

Although a huge number of RMG factories are operating in Gazipur, most of the factory owners prefer to send their export consignments to Chittagong port by trucks as the alternative to sending the consignments by freight trains via Kamalapur Railway Station in the capital consumes too much time.

A Chinese firm can be hired for the project, he hinted.

The acting railways secretary said the construction of the ICD in Gazipur would make the transportation of RMG goods by freight trains easier compared to road transportation, and that this would boost BR's revenue income in the coming days. “The lion's share of BR's revenue comes from goods transportation.”


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