Budget smartwatch recommendations

Smartwatches are no more just confined to the Apple Watch ecosystem, no. There are many watches to choose from right and they come in a variety of price points. Here are a couple of good ones to choose from:
apple smartwatch price

Huami Amazfit Bip Smartwatch

Price: Estimated $80 USD

This is a cheaper alternative for those who want a smartwatch that looks good too. The watch is priced at around 80 dollars and it mimics the Apple Watch in its sleek design and smooth interface. The trans-reflective colour display is not only easy on the eyes but it also saves battery-life so you don't have to keep plugging it to a charger too often. Its super lightweight with a soft band that fits all wrist sizes.

The watch consists of GPS, heart rate monitor, pedometer, notification window and a solid fitness tracker.

A few drawbacks that come at this price point includes lower resolution and less than precise accuracy when it comes to the heart rate and steps measurements. The AmazFit also does not have a designated app store and is only compatible with a few third-party apps.

Even with all the short-comings, the watch is a steal for anyone looking for a good watch within a small budget.

apple smartwatch price

Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch

Price: Estimated $134 USD


Sitting at around 134 dollars, this watch is not only functional but is also good to look at. The straps that the watch comes with is very easy to change and you have a good number of options to choose from. The watch itself has no ports, possibly because of the water-resistant properties and is also entirely water resistant. The screen is vibrant and offers customization on the watch faces.

Apart from GPS tracking, the watch has all the features you could ask for in this price range, including the basics: Clock, music controls, heart rate monitor, sleep tracking among many other features. The watch has a five day long battery life that can also be appealing to many. You can't however, get emails on the watch or check Facebook messages. Regardless, it's still a great watch and is puts many watches priced higher than this to shame.


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