Ecnec okays 9 projects worth Tk 16,433cr

The Ecnec in a meeting yesterday approved nine new and revised projects worth Tk 16,433 crore, with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina directing that no structure could be built on haors and land which yields three crops a year.

The meeting of the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (Ecnec) was held with the premier in the chair.

After the meeting, Planning Minister MA Mannan informed of the directives. He said Hasina had laid emphasis on hoars reasoning that those were resourceful areas.

The meeting approved a revised project to expand rural electrification where the cost was increased by 26 percent to Tk 8,691 crore to bring an additional 4.5 lakh subscribers under the programme.

Ecnec approved the project in March 2016 with a target of bringing 15 lakh subscribers under electricity network by December 2018.

Under the revised project, the total number of subscribers in rural areas will reach 19.5 lakh and the timeline has been extended to June 30, 2020.

Moreover, electricity lines would be set up on an additional 15,000 kilometres, taking the project's reach to a total of 59,000 km.

Ecnec also approved a project to establish a 150 megawatt power plant at Sayedpur at a cost of Tk 1,001 crore by June 2021. A power division official said China-based Dongfang Electric Corporation would construct the plant.

Power Development Board signed an agreement with the company earlier this month. Ecnec approved two other projects on setting up and rehabilitating electricity distribution lines, one centring Rangpur division at a cost of Tk 1,124 crore and another Rajshahi division at a cost of Tk 1,091 crore.

It also approved a revised project for establishing a 99 Composite Brigade for ensuring overall security for Padma multipurpose bridge. The project cost was raised by 33 percent to Tk 1,320 crore and completion deadline extended from June 2015 to June 2021. According to the planning ministry proposal, delays in land acquisition and increase in project components raised the cost and tenure.

Ecnec also approved a project to elevate a stretch of road from Cox's Bazar link road to Laboni crossing to four lanes at a cost of Tk 288 crore and construction of a 103-metre bridge with girders on the Aricha-Gheor-Daulatpur-Tangail road.

It okayed improving switching and transmission networks for strengthening digital connectivity at a cost of Tk 155 crore and increasing the tenure of a project for purchasing 70 train engines at a cost of Tk 2,659 crore from June 2017 to June 2024.


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