US-Bangla Crash: Plane-tower contact lost in final moments

The preliminary report of the US-Bangla Aircraft crash investigation team shows that the pilots of the plane lost contact with the air control tower seconds before the crash in Kathmandu.

There was no communications between the pilot of US-Bangla flight BS-211 and the Air Traffic Control of Tribhuvan International Airport for 47 seconds before the aircraft crashed at the TIA.

 “Two way communications between the aircraft and the approach as well as tower control was normal until 1417:58 local time. Therefore, a few transmissions were made by both Air Traffic Control and the pilot until 1418:45 local time, but no corresponding replies or acknowledgements were made from either side,” says the preliminary report of aircraft accident investigation commission formed by the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal.

The report also mentioned that the aircraft was on approach to land at TIA, “when it crashed in the Eastern part of the field of Runway 02, just outside the inner perimeter fence of the aerodrome”.

The aircraft was found mostly burnt and damaged as it had caught fire.

The report also said rescue and fire fighting teams rushed to the spot and worked with “utmost efficiency”. 

The probe body was formed on March 12, the day the US-Bangla airliner crash-landed at the TIA, killing at least 51 people including 27 Bangladeshis.

The preliminary report however didn't mention any reasons behind the crash.