‘Drug dealer' killed in 'gunfight'

3 cops injured
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An alleged drug dealer was killed in a “gunfight” between a drug gang and law enforcers near Habirchara union of Teknaf upazila in the early hours yesterday.

The deceased was identified as Mohammad Hossain, 28, of Habirchara area.

He was accused in three criminal cases filed in connection with murder and other offences, claimed police.

Law enforcers also claimed to have recovered 2,000 yaba tablets, three locally-made weapons and 12 bullets.

On information that a gang of robbers was preparing for robbery in the hilly area near Habirchara, police raided the scene around 4:00am. Sensing the presence of police, the criminals opened fire on them, said Pradip Kumar Das, officer-in-charge of Teknaf Model Police.

The law enforcers returned fire in self-defence, he added. At one stage, the criminals retreated and the police recovered bullet-hit body of Mohammad Hossain. He was rushed to Teknaf Upazila Health Complex where on-duty doctors declared him dead, said the police officer.

Three policemen were also injured. They are ASI Farhad and constables Fahim and Masud, the police claimed.

At least 72 alleged drug dealers have been killed either in “gunfights” with law enforcers or infightings of drug gangs in Cox's Bazar since May 4 last year when law enforcers launched an anti-drug crackdown.


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