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  • Tawfique Ali

  • Fresh onslaught on Meghna

    A river under onslaught. An open defiance of a High Court order. And inept river custodians.
  • Curious foreign trip

    A team of soon-to-retire engineers and an administration official are leaving for the US and the UK on a two-week trip ostensibly to learn about digging canals, protecting river banks, restoring embankments, and dredging rivers, which they had been doing for over three decades.
  • 2009 HC Verdict: What the court directed and what’s been done

    The apex court in 2009 directed the government to demarcate the original territory of the four Dhaka rivers -- Buriganga, Turag, Balu Shitalakhya -- restore those rivers to their original state and protect them against grabbing and from pollution.

    What was once considered encroachment has become outright murder. But the seriousness of the crime has done little to deter a carnival of corruption plaguing river management.
  • 95pc structures in Rajuk area non-compliant

    Over 95 percent of the structures under Rajuk’s jurisdiction were built without building approval, according to survey findings for the ongoing revision of the capital city’s Detailed Area Plan (DAP).