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The Barcelona referee scandal – What does it mean for FC Barcelona?

FC Barcelona’s actions off the pitch keep on bringing attention for all the wrong reasons.

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What possible punishments await Man City following PL allegations?

On Monday, the Premier League released a statement where it stated that, “In accordance with Premier League Rule W.82.1, the Premier League confirms that it has today referred a number of alleged breaches of the Premier League Rules by Manchester City Football Club”

The promising world of sports journalism

Sports journalism in Bangladesh is on a rapid rise and people are noticing.

FC Barcelona: A New Era portrays the club’s route to resurgence

The documentary is an attempt to regain the fans’ trust who have been frustrated with the club’s condition.

How to get into club football if the World Cup got you interested

Want to dive deeper into club football? Here’s how you can get started.

Africa’s achievements in the FIFA World Cup over the years

The African teams can go head-to-head with the powerhouses of football.

Argentines want to support the Bangladesh cricket team to connect with Bangladeshis

Argentines are willing to bond with Bangladeshi people through cricket.

Argentina and Bangladesh: two nations united by football

While many already knew about Argentina’s massive fan base in Bangladesh, this may be the first time people all around the world took notice of it.

5 young players to watch this World Cup

These young players will be hoping to leave their mark in the international stage.

Four ways Bangladeshi fans showed their obsession for the World Cup

Some people go the extra mile to show love for their favorite teams by doing something a little unique.

Spain coach Luis Enrique announces Twitch stream during the World cup

Luis Enrique took to Twitter to make the announcement which took football fans by surprise.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s interview spells more embarrassment for Manchester United

What was supposed to be a fairytale homecoming of a fan favorite, ended up being the worst possible experience for all parties involved.

Is the European Super League making a comeback?

Is it possible that a dormant project like the ESL will be revived?

The verdict is in, Ronaldo’s homecoming has gone all wrong

Ronaldo's antics is beginning to taint his stature as a club legend.

Who will win the Ballon D’Or 2022?

Benzema looks to be the favourite, unless surprises await.

Understanding Bangladesh’s failure to find footballers despite large population

With no proper system in place at the grassroots level, the future of football in Bangladesh looks bleak.

Internet goes crazy over GTA VI leak

The most anticipated video game of all time just got more anticipated.

Bengal Tigresses on the verge of making history

The team has advanced to the final for the second time in their history.

Simple precautions for those looking to travel

There are many things we can do to ensure we come back unscathed from our vacations.

Is Bangladesh the new YouTube destination?

This can help in creating a better image of Bangladesh to the world. 

Why do we feel so tired after iftar?

Food coma isn’t harmful to the body but it can be inconvenient.

Anime games for the fans to look forward to

It's hard to conclude how the final products will look like.

Why are football clubs hiring young, inexperienced managers?

The trend has gained more popularity in recent years.

Going out to play after a long time

As soon as I stepped on the pitch, I felt unprepared.

My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission: The biggest challenge yet

The movie shines the most is in its visuals and action scenes.

A responsible approach to organising weddings

We often ignore major issues that come with wedding programs.

Are individual awards in football being given the right way?

Football is evolving; so should the award selection process.

Is football banter on social media getting out of hand?

Such banters often ruin the spirit of football.

What If You Wanted to Become a Football Coach?

A guide to becoming a licenced football coach in Bangladesh.