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  • Shuprova Tasneem

  • How long will the UK harbour a mass murderer?

    How does a country come to terms with a blot in its history as dark as the mass murder of intellectuals during the liberation struggle of Bangladesh?
  • How shall we say goodbye?

    How does one mourn during a global pandemic? I’ve asked myself this question numerous times since the onset of Covid-19.
  • Formalise the invisible workforce

    On July 1, The Daily Star shared horrific pictures of the violence inflicted upon 14 year old Asma Khatun, a domestic worker employed in the capital’s Uttara.
  • How long will women be punished for their ambitions?

    “In life, your parents come first, after the Great and most Benevolent Allah. They are the greatest blessing and safest shelter. Because of the mercy of Allah and the sacrifices of my parents, because of their prayers, advice, courage, discipline, love, affection, encouragement—for standing next to me like mountains through all my troubles—I have been able to earn my Bachelor’s degree from the Oxford of the East, Dhaka University.”
  • All patients are equal, but some are more equal than others

    Over 100 days of Covid-19 in Bangladesh have brought with it more than one lakh recorded cases of coronavirus and over 1,300 recorded deaths in the country.