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  • Shoaib Ahmed Sayam

    Shoaib Ahmed Sayam regularly loses bets because he thinks making money is for losers.

  • Gulistan Underground Market: Where the techie and sketchy coexist

    Are you willing to go to the depths of the earth to get your phone repaired? If not, in Gulistan you only need to descend one floor beneath the ground.
  • Bangladeshi scouts taking on the world

    Scouting has been popular in Bangladesh since the 1970s. What started out as a voluntary movement founded by British army officer Robert Baden-Powell in early 1900s has reached schools and colleges all over the country. Bangladesh regularly participates in international scouting events -- giving students an opportunity to become global members of society.
  • Shopner Dokan: Giving the less-privileged an opportunity to shop

    Minutes after a banner reading “Shopner Dokan” was put up, displaying bags of clothes in various colours and sizes at Dhanmondi Road-7, children from the area excitedly gathered to pick their attire for Eid.
  • DMP’s schooling of jaywalkers: A firsthand account

    When I found out that Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) is conducting counselling sessions for jaywalkers, I was curious to see for myself what it’s about. So, I decided to go undercover and get intentionally caught jaywalking to attend a session.
  • Telling stories with metal and water

    Trees, flowers and mythic characters spouting water in a lush green field welcomed keen observers. The fountains excited children